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Shanghai Municipal Children’s Place

 Shanghai Attractions

Shanghai Municipal Children’s Palace, also called China Welfare Society Children’s Palace, was founded in the year of 1963 by Song Qingling, Madam Sun Yatsen and was the first Children’s palace in China. Now it is a center in Shanghai to provide after-school training and education for children in the aspects of music, dance, art, painting, science and technology, and computer science. It is a funny and interesting attraction to visit in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Municipal Children’s Palace is housed in the former villa of an English businessman named Alley Kadoorie. This complex in large-scaled was built into the Shanghai colonial style with marble hall, grand hallways, gigantic ballroom and glittering chandeliers.

When coming to the Children’s Palace, it is great funny to interact with children and it is a great chance to know more about Chinese young generation. You can see them playing instrument, dancing, doing painting and calligraphy, and all other kinds of activities.

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