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Anchang Ancient Town

 Shaoxing Attractions

Located on the west of Shaoxing ,near the Shaoxing historical and cultural protection areas, Anchang Ancient Town has a history of a thousand years.

Although the scenery can't really compete with the other towns on this list, Anchang offers tourists a unique vision as it has best preserved the customs of the water people of Shaoxing in Zhejiang. For 20 RMB (3.20 USD) you can enjoy an unforgettable visit to an authentic water-town in Anchang.

Anchang ancient town area include the Three Mile Street, City God Temple, grand hall, Anchang folk customs hall, Yihe station doors.The ancient streets are last several miles by the river.There are classic shops, dignified station door, distinctive workshops, beautiful and elegant arcade, the quartzite street lanes.

Thousands years of Shaoxing customs demonstrated vividly here: Shaoxing Opera, festive wedding on board, the traditional  Shaoxing cooking wine, shaoxing sauce, the shuttle's Wu Peng boat.

People are busy preparing for Chinese New Year food during the December of Chinese lunar calendar,by making rice cakes, wrapping dumplings, stringing sausage, pulling sugar and so on ,in order to celebrate a peaceful, simplicity,happy festival.

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