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Shenzhen Garden Expo Park

 Shenzhen Attractions

Shenzhen Garden Expo Park, with an area of 660,000 square meters and close to Shennan Avenue, is located between the Honey Lake and the Overseas Chinese Town and opposite to Hong Kong. It is a five-star level park integrating garden horticulture, mass culture, popular science and science research, tourism, exhibition and solar power generation.

From September 2004 to April 2005, the Garden Expo Park held the 5th China International Gardens and Flower Expo, which was the highest level and largest international garden and flower exposition in China and had 82 country or city participants, and which, compared with the previous expositions, had the most participating countries or cities, covered the largest area and invested the largest in the construction scenic spots.

The about 100 garden scenic spots in the park seem to show people of hundreds of pictures and make the Garden Expo Park a municipal park in Shenzhen with the newest, the most beautiful and the most scenic spots. It’s a clean park free of admission with plenty of attractions for the whole family and flowers from all over the world.

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