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Chunyang Palace

 Taiyuan Attractions

Constructed in the Wanli regin (1573-1620) of the Ming Dynasty, Chunyang Palace was expanded in the Qianlong regin (1736-1795) of the Qing Dynasty. Through small in size, Chunyang Palace is highly spoken because of its well-conceived layout. The palace is till one of the best place for sightseeing in Taiyuan

Founded in the Song Dynasty, was originally dedicated to the Taoist “immortal” Lu Tung-pin and built, It was initially built in the later Song Dynasty (960-1279) for giving sacrifices to the Taoism supernatural being Lu Dongbin, so it also has a name of Luzu Temple. During the Ming and Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), it was extended to its existing scale. Chunyang Palace is a five graded courtyard, integrates the style of temple and garden. There are various pavilions and kiosks. In front of the door, four three-floor wooden mills are very attractive for their unique styles and special colors.

Luzu Temple is the main hall of Chunyang Palace, and it lies in the central of the courtyard. Three rooms of Luzu Temple are broad and square. So Luzu Temple is the most magnificent architecture in the palace. The style of the courtyard behind the hall is unique, it is said that it is built according to the directions of the Eight Diagrams, having obvious Taoism architecture characteristics. It is also the essence of the whole Chunyang Palace.

so called Lu Temple, Ming and Qing dynasties, when modified to expand the scale that formed. Chunyang Palace is a set of temple, garden-style as one of the five Jinyuan La, courtyard gardens have everything in there. Four-on the third floor in front of a wooden arch, its shape, color are all unique and striking. Lu Zu Hall of Chunyang Palace, the main hall, located in the central courtyard, Miankuo 3, just like they are the most spectacular palace buildings. Architectural pattern of the bare rear courtyard is quite unique orientation is said to be built according to gossip, with a distinctive architectural features of Taoism, but also the entire Chunyang Palace of taiyuan tours in its essence.

Shanxi Museum designed as a museum, where there are more than 20 showrooms, respectively, the essence of cultural relics exhibited in Shanxi elements, such as ceramics, bronzes, lacquer, enamel, stone sculptures, jade bamboo ivory carving, calligraphy, painting, monument paste and embroidery and so on for taiyuan tours.

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