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Lihu Park

 Wuxi Attractions

Lihu Park is situated in Binhu District in Wuxi. It has an area of 300 acres and it is free to visit. In the late Ming Dynasty, some experts said that Fan Li and Xi Shi boated here. Then, it became more popular because of this story. There is a very big Ferris Wheel in the park which you can see the time you get into the park.

There are also other interesting spots in it, such as carousel, maze and The Aractic World. There are many sculptures in it which are featured in the cold world. When you get into it, the guards will give you some thick clothes because it is very cold in it but there many beautiful things in it. The park also has many old buildings behind trees which make them look very mysterious and attractive. It is next to Tai Hu, so you can just go there by boating.

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