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Yangshuo Countryside Biking

 Yangshuo Attractions

Experience the hustle & bustle of the Yangshou traffic for 5 minutes before you escape onto the country roads, lanes and tracks of the distinctive and beautiful Yangshou countryside scenery. Yangshuo Countryside Biking through the paddy field and orchards that surround the famous mountains will give a fascinating insight into life in rural China. Centuries old farming methods sit side by side with mobile phones and satellite dishes.

Here are three popular Yangshuo Countryside Biking Routes

To Dragon Bridge
You can enjoy the real countryside views and the beauty of the ancient villages in this trip.One of the hightlights is that you can ride along the beautiful Yulong River and enjoy the peaceful countryside life.After go though the rocky paths and paddy fields,you will meet the Dragon Bridge which has been 400 years old.You can swim and take photos here.

To Moon Hill
Go to the main road,turn left,and go ahead zbout 1km,you will find the Moon Hill Park is on your left.You can leave the bike inside the gate and climb the Moon Hill to the top.It may take your 90 minutes for climbing up and down.But if you want to see the stunning views surrounded,it’s totally worth.

To Fuli Town
Fuli Town is one lovely ancient town. Although it is not big,it’s worth seeing. Besides,there are many fantastic views along the way,such as the Li River, marvelous peaks & rice fields.Turn right when you see the Yangshuo Hidden Dragon Villa.When you get through the rice paddies and then you will see the Dragon River again. When you see the Camel Crosses River,go along the big roads and pass through some villages, you will see the Li River.

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