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Yuelu Academy

 Changsha Attractions

Yuelu Academy, one of the four greatest academies in ancient China, is situated at the foot of Yuelu Mountain and on the west bank of the Xiang River. It was one of the four ancient Chinese academies and well known for some of China’s great scholars, poets, philosophers and political leaders.

Yuelu Academy mainly consistes of the Main Gate, the Lecture Hall, Lushan Temple Tablet, Yushu Library, Wenchang Pavilion, Six Gentleman Hall, Ten-sacrificial-vessels Hall, Grand Sunlight Platform, the Banxue Building, the Hexi Platform, etc.

The Yuelu Academy was founded in 976, the 9th year of the Song Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Kaibao, and was one of four most renowned Shuyuan (academies of higher learning). In 1903 the academy became a university, and in 1926 it was officially named Hunan University.

As one of the four most prestigious academies with more than 1000 years history in China, Yuelu Academy Changsha has been a famous institution of higher learning as well as a centre of academic activities and cultures since it was formally set up in 976 (the Northern Song Dynasty). The Yuelu Academy has survived the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. It was converted into Hunan Institute of Higher Learning in 1903 and was sooner renamed Hunan Normal College, Hunan Public Polytechnic School, and finally Hunan University in 1926.

The academy has experienced more than a thousand years of history, which is the only one of the ancient Chinese academies of Classical Learning to have evolved into a modern institution of higher learning. The historical transformation from Yuelu Academy to Hunan University can be seen as the epitome of the development of China's high education, a change which mirrors the vicissitudes of education system in mainland China. As a part of Hunan University, today the Hunan University Yuelu Academy is a center of publication and research of the ancient Chinese language, as well as one of the most significant academic and cultural centers in China.

Bus Nos. 202, 913, 902, 305, Lishan special line, Tour line 1st. It takes just about 30 minutes ride to the railway station, and one hour to the airport

RMB 30 yuan/adult


Opening Time
7:30 - 18:00 (May 1st- October 31st)
8:00 - 17:30 (November 1st- April 30th)

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