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Zhaojun Tomb

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Wang Zhaojun, one of the “Four Beauties of China”, is a princess of Han Dynasty who voluntarily married a nomad Hun chief to secure peace. Zhaojun Tomb is located by the Da Hei River. The cemetery is 13,000 m², with a 33 metre mound containing Zhaojun's coffin, making it a landmark of Hohhot. The tomb is only honorary. Wang Zhaojun is not actually buried here. It is only a memorial.

Wang Zhaojun is perhaps one of the most well-known beauties of ancient China. She was a native of Zigui in Western Hubei province. She entered the imperial harem during the reign of Emperor Yuan of Western Han (48-33 BC). As the emperor had a large harem of maidens, he chose his companions by looking at their portraits. The court painter, Mao Yan shou had painted an unflattering portrait of Wang Zhaojun because she refused to bribe him.

When the northern barbarous nation, Xiongnu chieftain, Huhanxie became a subject of the Han empire, he asked the Emperor to grant him a Han beauty as his empress. To consolidate the relations with the Xiongnu, Emperor Yuan acceded to the request. However, he was not prepared to part with any of his beautiful maidens.

He chose Wang Zhojun as the bride for Huhanxie as she appeared ordinary and plain from the portrait. It was only when she was summoned before the emperor prior to her departure that Emperor Yuan realised his terrible mistake. To his amazement and dismay, she turned out to be the most beautiful of the maidens in his harem. However, it was too late for the Emperor to change his decision. In anguish and sorrow, he parted with Wang Zhaojun. 

 Taohua Country, Yuquan District, Hohhot
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