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Yellow River Scenic Area

 Zhengzhou Attractions

On the southern shore of the Yellow River in Zhengzhou, it is a national AAAA tourism zone, and a natural scenic zone, integrating sightseeing, leisure, holidays, popular science education, root exploration, sacrificing the ancestors and carrying forward the Chinese civilization.

This scenic area is covered with green trees, and dotted with pavilions and towers, with picturesque scenery. Standing on the mountain, tourists can have a nice view of Yellow River Scenic Area that keeps running. The Yellow River Scenic Area is composed of five major scenic zones and more than 40 tourists attractions, such as Five Dragon Peak, Yueshan Temple, Xinghai Lake, the statues of emperors of Yandi and Huangdi.

No. 16 bus goes from the railway station to the scenic area.
Telephone: (+86) 0371 68222228
Admission: 40 Yuan
Opening Hours: 08:10 - 18:00

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