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Imperial Hot Springs Resort

 Zhuhai Attractions

Imperial Hot Spring Resort is next to the sea, consist of interior and exterior two regions.There are more than 80 kinds of various styles spa pool here. "ocean , spa, health, entertainment , world tour " is the basic idea of Imperial Hot Spring. Imperial Hot Spring Resort is dominated by North African Moroccan architectural style, blending Chinese and Western architectural culture essence, ancient architectural culture combined with the current design concept, showing the Mediterranean romance.

There are Turkish bath palace, Japanese baths, Roman baths, Dead Sea salt bath. Plus domestic unique 10 kinds of exotic dry and wet sauna facilities, you don't need to travel travel all around the world to enjoy hot spring culture around the world. 

Data shows that the hot spring bath will not only relax muscle and joint, eliminating fatigue but also dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism. In addition, most spas are rich in chemicals, which is good for health. For example, the calcium carbonate in hot springs can improve physical fitness, to recuperate a considerable role; while the spa contains calcium, potassium, radon and other components have a certain effect to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gout , neuralgia, arthritis, etc.; while sulfur spring can soften skin. If you want to have a spa tour in China, you can't miss this one.

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