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Denglongsha Water Town

 Zhuhai Attractions

Lanterns Sand Area situated in Zhuhai western region, covers an area of 14.7 square kilometers, and has population of 9,800 people. The fishermen living here for generations to sea fishing, also known as " Danjia Family". From the twentieth century, with the progress of fisheries, fishermen have come to be arranged by the Government to the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong shore for settle down, say goodbye to the past floating life. 

Most residents in Lanterns Sand Area are from Guangdong Xinhui, Panyu, Zhongshan and other places, where the boat dwellers living customs stylized. Singing water songs and water lantern sand marriage are traditional culture for generations. During traditional festivals, lanterns people build singing competition stage under the Kapok tree and placed two tables. Male and female singers took turns singing Xianshui song. Danjia marriage ceremony is mysterious and grand.

After several centuries of vicissitudes and several generations of fusion, precipitation, formed this unique folk customs. Doumen water marriage customs formed in the early Qing Dynasty, mature during Tongzhi Emperor's region in the Qing Dynasty, based on the family antiphonal married Danjia etiquette. It is the fusion of Cantonese culture and Hakka cultural elements, such as preparation wedding, pick up the bride, thanks to the parents, anthem Friends. Ship is the transportation and song is throughout the whole process of wedding. You can go to see this interesting ceremony in Zhuhai tours.

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