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Zhuhai Museum

 Zhuhai Attractions

The Zhuhai Museum (珠海市博物馆) was built in the downtown area in 1999. Along with preserving old artifacts, one of the museum's main missions is to raise the cultural level of the people. It covers about 15,000 square meters or about 3.7 acres, and the large building has a traditional look. The museum is on two floors of the building. The Zhuhai Museum in the centre of Zhuhai has a simple, graceful architectural style and is one of the few garden museums in China.

It was built to demonstrate Traditional Chinese architectural and landscaping styles, using the towers, palaces, corridors, arbors and pools to display many of the most common. Artificial hills have been planted with flowers and trees alongside the banks of pretty ponds including ''Lotus pond'', ''Dan Spring'' and ''Bird Corridor''.

In the 9 exhibition halls historical and cultural relics are exhibited and the museum aims for these displays to become a window for cultural exchange and a base for historical and cultural education.

Zhuhai City Museum (Jiuzhou City) is located in Zhuhai, Jingshan Road. Jida, Zhuhai is located in Shijingshan Tourist Center and between the hotel, located in Zhuhai tourism business, financial and political and cultural center, is one of the landmarks in Zhuhai. It towers, halls, quiet corridors, pavilions, waterside, garden pond and other Chinese traditional architectural style of composing classical garden buildings.

Jiuzhou City, No.191 Jida Jingshan Road, Zhuhai 
Opening Days & Hours 9:00AM-5:00PM (visitors not allowed to enter after 4:00PM)
Telephone: (+86) 756-3324708, 3341233 
10 Yuan 

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