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Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

 Zhuhai Attractions

Zhuhai Chime Long Ocean Kingdom is located in Hengqin Island, Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province. It is a world-class super large integrated theme park consisting of theme park, luxury hotels, business and exhibition, tourist shopping, sports and leisure. It was invested by Guangdong Chime Long Group. Constructed with the most advanced technology and equipment, and creative ideas, the Zhuhai Chime Long Ocean Kingdom is really an ocean Kingdom to provide tourists with the best entertainment and experience.

This theme park is consisted of 8 themed areas, with each representing a part of the ocean. At this theme park, you will get the fantastic experience ever. You will see the largest aquarium in the world. You will watch amazing shows of dolphins, sea lions, beluga whale, polar bears, penguins and many other sea animals. Also you will see the fantastic parade by cute animals. Also there are other entertainments like water roller coaster to enjoy.

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