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5 Unusual Things to Do During Your Tour to China

 2014-03-31    Jenny Huang    Sights    China    2100  

Almost everyone who has been to China or wishes to go there either knows about China’s attractions or has heard of them. But, there are places which are quite interesting and uncommon and adventurous too. Some of the unexplored treasures really going to spill the beans of curiosity of the readers! These places are less famous and more adventurous when explored.

The Underwater Great Wall in China

The Great Wall in China is not even safe from the effects of damn buildings. When you will travel north from Beijing, after few hours there is a wall that is submerged under the water of Panjiakou Reservoir. This dive for underwater Great Wall is not meant for everyone. Since, the water is very cold and the visibility is very low, very few people who are ready to dive in that cold water can see this art of the wall which has not received light since 1977.

Stone Skin Lane, Xitang

The most unique and interesting feature of Xitang, is the canopied walkways which are formed by the joining the extended rooftops nearby areas where the merchants once used to sell their goods and Wales from the boats. One of the most important and popular site is a narrow lane, wide only for a single person which is 44M longer between a larger lane. The street or lane is named so, because it is etched on a stone on first end of the lane and it also comes from the stones that run down the highway.

Strange Slope in Xiamen

Very few people in China and tourists know about this place. Tourist potential of this place was discovered by a taxi driver, when he noticed that things appear to move uphill when you are coming down the hill. There are people who will offer you cycle rides to see the things move uphill while you are moving down the hill. Actually this slope is a part of Dongping Shan, a place which is 15 minutes away from Xiamen proper.

Milu Park in Beijing

Usually there are countries where animal trafficking doesn’t go really very well. But a French missionary and naturalist named Jean Pierre David who explored the massive walls of a hunting park in Beijing and spied these deer. Luckily he was successful in bribing the soldiers and got the skin of several deer’s with their skeletons too. After this incident the deer’s were systematically butchered and also faced natural calamity, as a result the breed is almost extinct. Only few deer were left and they were scientifically reproduced to restore the species of Milu deer in Beijing.

Bizarre Tower in Zhouzhouang

This place is known for its beautiful canals and its historic architecture. This tower will help you to get the pictures of you making a handstand on a Chinese office where your head is placed on a table.
Exploring China is a thrilling experience. Exploring those places which are akin to inspire a tourist would be a rich experience!

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