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A Wonderful View of Fuxian Lake

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Fuxian Lake is located on the crossing point among the Chengjiang County, Jiangchuan County and Huaning County in Yunnan Province. In total, Fuxian Lake accounts for an area of some 212 square kilometers. Cases are known where China's largest freshwater lake is Lake Poyang, while Fuxian Lake is the biggest freshwater lake at the biggest depth of 155 meters. The fact remains that it's a fresh water lake with water going through. It is rich with fish and regarded as a natural resource. The bottom of Fuxian Lake is clear spring water, with numerous temptations and beautiful.

The picturesque landscape and rich resources along the lakeside has made the lake become a pearl on the source of the Pearl River. In such a frame of mind, all of visitors would without doubt derive greater pleasure from rambling in the beautiful lake from one scenic site to another. The hills to the west, gifted by nature, rise sharply from the ground in many different shapes and sizes. The travellers were beguiled by its magnificence, precipitousness and natural beauty.

The lake to the east is called "Hot Water Shelter" as one of the most renowned hot springs, where you could enjoy the pleasant feeling soft as a breeze and light as a cloud. is a scenic stretch of water situated on a plateau, about 60 kilometers to Kunming City. Here you will be able to enjoy warm sunshine, crystal clear seawater and colorful underwater scenery. The visitor could see the white lip of a wave as it spun up the beach. Sometimes the water of the lade is green and clear. The faraway mountains and nearby water-beautiful scenery was very pleasing to the visitors.

There're two main islands available in the southwest of the Fuxian Lake, one is Big Solitary Island, the other is Small Solitary Island. It's recorded that the Big Solitary Island is a level piece of land about 40 meters. It looks like an egg from distance. The lake with numerous grottoes and mountain peak occupies an area of 0.5 square kilometers. The natural scenery and the abundant fishing village folklore are of extremely high ornamental and tourist value. Fuxian Lake, draw in if the scenery, a remarkable and excellent place producing outstanding people, humanity is assembled.

There is a great deal of phosphorus existing in the lake. This part of the river makes a unique traditional Chinese painting with its clear water and clusters of pinnacles. The story goes that the colour of the mountains changes, but the colour of the lake also changes, at first sight, the water is crystal and clear, but when the wind ripples it, it immediately becomes a silvery white, as if thousands of fish were swimming in it. The bottom line is that the water temperature does not vary significantly with the seasons and the water is of high quality. Fuxian Lake is extremely perfect for people to swim wherever they like. The unique setting and character of the Fuxian Lake make it become a magnet for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

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