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Admire the Beauties of Mount Siguniang

 2014-04-17    Young    Sights    Sichuan    2507  

Siguniang Mountain is also known as Four Girls Mountain, which is sitting on the boundary of Xiaojin County and Wenchuan County of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is located in the middle of Qionglai Mountain range. It neighbors the famous Wolong State-level Nature Reserve. It is an important part of the habitat of pandas in Sichuan. With its beautiful scenery and completely natural environment, it has been listed on the World Nature Heritage Site list.

The mountain consists of four unending stretches of peaks, and forms a continuity of mountain scenery. It is snow covered in a long term of years, like the transparent white gauze resting lightly on the ground, also like four strikingly handsome young ladies. Among them, the Yaomei Peak also referred to as the peak of the youngest girl is the highest and the most beautiful. The lofty and rugged mountains as well as the beautiful landscape and sceneries boast an admirable place to climb the mountain and travel.

Siguniang Mountain has a reputation for continuous succession of standing peaks, rough and steep mountains which soar to the skies. There's also a rosy glow that suffuses snow-covered mountain peaks. The rolling foothill area with miles of densely wooded country is ploughed in a million curves. Even the sides of rivers are covered in greenery. Its quiet valleys, rare tree species and flourishing trees, all contribute to its primeval beauty; as though it was a wonderful and beautiful view in southern Europe, which is dubbed a "The Alps of the East."

There's impetuous torrent of Mingjiang River through the east of the Siguniang Mountain. The valleys in mountainous terrain are blessed with plentiful rainfall and a mild climate, beautiful flowers blanketing hill and dale. The limpid stream is very limpid. The surrounded glacier scattered unequally over the mountainside. When you lifted up your eyes to the top of the rugged hill, a magnificent view of the snowy peaks greeted you.

Its luxuriant vegetation of the forest along with a climate that is mostly moderate offer living environment for the creatures and plants full of variety. Every year when spring is being replaced by summer there is a fair enough chance to view the green grass like a carpet and a flourishing scene of prosperity. Many wild animal and plant resources protected by the country originated from this magnificent and abundant land.

Siguniang Mountain is a fairy that the local Tibetan ethnic minority people hold in reverence. Story has it that four fine-looking and good-hearted young ladies aim to wipe out the devil that had killed their parents and harmed the masses, and finally turns into four beautiful and precipitous peaks. The mountain surface is mainly composed of sandstones, slates, marbles, limestone and crystalline stones. The mountain with these limestone cliffs had become very high and precipitous. In the covert of the precipice, you could view the green-carpeted with flowers and grass. It had become the scenic areas of synthesizing type for sightseeing, climbing mountain, exploring, crossing, leisure and tourism!

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