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Amazing Chaka Salt Lake,Qinghai,China

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Located in the east of the Caidamu Basin,Chaka Salt Lake lies near Chaka Town, Wulan County, Qinghai.It means "Salt Lake" in Tibetan.Chaka Salt Lake is known for "Daqing salt".It's the smallest one of four Salt Lake in Qaidam Basin. with the stunning scenery,Chaka Salt Lake is praised as "55 Must-go in Human Life" by the National Geographic magazine.

It attracts millions of tourists from home and abroad every year for its unique landscapes.It's like entering a pure fairyland.With an area of 105 square kilometers,it's covered with salt everywhere.You can see the salt on your feet,on the beach,on the hills and around the can even smell the salt in the air.

Chaka Salt Lake is the first developed salt lake of four Salt Lake which can date back to 3000 years ago.It's a world of salt.The rain bring salt here and it looks like the salt being endless.Tourists can take a train to visit salt mining and enjoy the beautiful salt lake scenery around the lake.Chaka Salt Lake is known as "Four Scene in Qinghai" with Kumbum Monastery,Qinghai Lake, Mengda Tianchi Lake.

The lake looks like a mirror reflecting the passing clouds, the distant mountains and the nomad's tents and herds.The scenery is exceptionally spectacular.You can feel the moment still here. 

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