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Amazing Tulips in Daguan Park

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Spring is a wonderful season in which flowers blossom. That’s especially true when it comes to Kunming- the city with eternal spring. Kunming is general an excellent holiday destination due to its salubrious year-round climate, blossoming flowers , leisure pursuits, and relaxed atmosphere. There are various perennial flowers and plants blossoming in every corner of the city, hence its nickname, “Spring City”. As for now, it is the best time to see tulip. 


A total of 80,000 tulips have been exhibited in Daguan Park of Kunming, for celebrating the Spring Festival, or Chinese Lunar New Year. Visitors can watch 14 types of tulips and spring flowers including corn poppy, primula malacoides and hyacinth during the festival.In the park, dragon dance will also be performed. Touring cars of Germany brand “KNAUS” will be exhibited. Photography exhibition showing Southeast Asia’s 5 countries will be held. Moreover, well-known calligraphers and painters in Yunnan will write New Year couplets for visitors free of charge.

Daguan Park is a lakeside park. Located on the northern shore of Dian Lake in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, Grand View Park used to be a garden owned by the noble Mu family, and was named after the famous tower in the park called Grand View Tower. In 1690, many additions were made to the park, such as flowers, trees, ponds, causeways, pavilions and halls. The park is, therefore, a fantastic place in which to enjoy beautiful scenery and get close to nature and is also an excellent spot for an alfresco barbeque. Visitors can go to sit, drink tea, fly kites and go boating. Among shady walks and pools, Daguan's focal point is Daguan Ge, a square, three-storeyed pavilion built to better Kangxi's (a king of Qing Dynasty) enjoyment of the distant Western Hills and now a storehouse of calligraphy extolling the area's charms. 


The most famous poem in the park is a 118-character verse, carved into the gateposts by a scholar in Qing Dynasty, reputed to be the longest set of rhyming couplets in China.

There is a three-storey Grand View Tower (Daguanlou) standing in the park. The tower was first built hundreds of years ago, and then rebuilt in 1883 with flying eaves and splendid paintings, which all serve to retain the original design style and its unique characteristics. There are two 5-meter-long tablets lying on the right lakeside in front of the building, where a couplet was hung on the two sides of columns, written by a famous Qing Dynasty poet called Sun Ranweng. The couplet is unique principally because it has 180 Chinese characters, and is believed to be the longest couplet in Chinese history. 

Apart from the tulip exhibition, Daguan Park itself is a botanical garden rich in ornamental plants. Of its plant varieties of more than 600, more than 200 are indigenous plants. Compared with other parks, its over 800 potted landscapes and 300 breeds of chrysanthemums take the lead in Kunming. Moreover, the about 70,000-square-meter pond with over 10 breeds of water lilies makes it the biggest water lily watching base in Kunming.

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