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Ancient Zhujiayu Village in Shandong

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As the first ancient village in Shandong, and the settlement specimen in the Jiangbei area, Zhujiayu village is situated at about 25 kilometers to the southwest of Mingshui City in Shandong Province and at the foothills of the northeast of Mount Hushan. It's the typical old village in the mountain village style in the north part of China, and the only top village of Chinese history and cultures.

With only about 2000 inhabitants, Zhujiayu is famous throughout the world for its historical buildings and archaeological sites from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. These structures are for the most part made by stones and rocks from the neighboring hills. Its rich cultural connotations are embodied in its 300 residential houses, temples, courtyards and couplets surrounded by the mountains and fields.

The ancient village is frequently classified into the old and the new part, which are within the girdle of an ancient wall built with rocks. Going your way through the streets of the ancient village, it would take its sightseers on a scenic and breathtaking journey into China's ancient past and through the village's historical and cultural landscape. And that was not all. Within the boundaries of the village one could even find over 90 stone bridges that have been built during the past hundred years.

The design style of the bridge is formed by different thoughts and regional characteristics which undergo a gradual development. The most striking and prominent bridge is the Zhaojia Bridge from the last imperial dynasty, the Qing Dynasty. Ancient architectural complex of the Qing Dynasty all the existing courtyards and 300 residential clusters handed down from the Qing dynasties, is well-preserved. This bridge is a double deck roadway structure, placed one on the top of the other.

Apart from those two-layer bridges, the ancient village also boasts two restful and old-fashioned temples. As the story goes, the temples dated back to the late Qing Dynasty. Those temples are just something much more special. Except for other temples as the sacred places of worshipping for the God of Wealth or the Goddess of Mercy in the ancient legends and tales from history, these two temples also had a repository for the gods of literature in legends and tales from history.

Historically, the high regard for education was deeply imbedded in Zhujiayu. From its buildings, it will be readily seen that the sheer number of old-style private schools here is so many that it indeed manifested in their various types, fairly large scales and extensive teaching content. For a time, it was blessed with 17 schools and also had the first young ladies' seminary on this land of Shangdong.

But these days, there are not so many historical relics as well as villages left over from the past. The position on its way to modernization for a present today is becoming ever more manifest. Still and all, Zhujiayu with its complications of narrow streets, ancient and historical-memorial structures still represent the features of the buildings structured antiquity and diversification in traditional China. The village is known especially for its natural beauty and the original appearance of the Chinese traditional culture.

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