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Attractive Danzhou Ancient Town in Guangxi

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Danzhou Ancient Town, first of all, this is an ancient town that has a long history; secondly, this is an ancient town that is built on water. Last but not least, this is an ancient town built on water with beautiful scenery, peaceful environment and a unique lifestyle.

Danzhou Ancient Town is located in Sanjiang County, about 140 kilometers south to Liuzhou City of Guangxi Province. The town is situated in an island on the Liujiang River. There is no bridge and road to connect the island and the mainland, so you have to take a boat to arrive in the island. This may seem a little inconvenient for tourists to come here, but it should be reason that Danhzou could still remain as a tranquil and remote ancient town these years.

The town was constructed in the 19th year of Ming Dynasty and now has a history more than 400 years. Surrounded by water in four directions, Danzhou is like an emerald inlaid in the water and surrounding lofty mountains and verdant forests.

But Danzhou is not just natural, it is also historical and ancient. Houses and architectures are in ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties styles. There are also many historical relics remained, like the Danzhou ancient city wall, the Min and Yue House, and Danzhou Academy.

Danzhou Ancient City Wall

Danzhou Academy

Min and Yue House

The tranquility that is far away from the outside noisy, the antique memories those historical sites have presented, the unique ethnic local lifestyles, the original tasty food, the quiet river and a town of pomelo, these are what attract people there.

In the whole town, there reside about 1,000 local people in total. If you come to the town in a relatively off season, you will find the town is really quiet and peaceful. When strolling in the ancient street, streets paved with bluestones are found to be winding and clean, houses are found to be antique hanging red lanterns and home-made preserved meat and fish. Or whenever you steo into a yard, you will see a yard of green plants and bright flowers, and exquisite bonsais. Alongside, there should have a basket of Shatian pomelo and home-made local wines, do not be surprised. These are the local specialties to treat guests and tourists.

People living in the Danzhou Island take planting Shatian pomelo as their priority plant. Almost every family has their own pomelo forests. Shatian pomelo produced there is fresh, sweet and fragrant. Every May and September, there will be festival held to celebrate the harvest of Shatian pomelo. Many tourists come to Danzhou at these two seasons to join the harvest with local people. It should a great fun.

Life at Danzhou is quite different from that in modern metropolis. Though simple and remote, the relaxed and casual time enjoyed in Danzhou is hard to found elsewhere.

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