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Attractive Junshan Lake of Jiangxi

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Junshan Lake is the first largest lake within the territory of Jinxian County of Nanchang City. Today Junshan Lake stretches some 25 kilometers north to south and about 5 kilometers east to west, the surface of the water covering in total an area of about 320,000 square kilometers, among which the catchment area covers about 616 square kilometers. It's the largest fresh-water lake within the territory of China counties.


Junshan Lake is situated in the south of Poyang Lake. Thus it's used to be called as Nanyang Lake. It's also known as Riyue Lake because there're two small islands of sun and moon. These two islands are both strategically situated and difficult of access, standing at the centre of the lake. In late Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Youliang were fighting for power, there're big wars in Poyang Lake for 18 years and the lake is the haunt of the battleships. Thus the descendants renamed the lake as Junshan Lake.


Junshan Lake is famous for its beautiful scenery, a lake of water was girdled around with the mountains on all four sides that occasionally dipped from view, framed like a large precious mirror besetting on the elaborate character of the frame with an artistic design. Its tremendous long rich history could also leave a lot of historical remains which are valuable in studying the ancient culture of Junshan Lake.


Here you could see the wonderful stones of weird-looking shapes, the large rocks and the small rocks covered with the different colors had no doubt added to the mystery of the Junshan Lake and made it more attractive to tourists. The water of Junshan Lake with pure quality is prolific in the production of aquatic products, which became known far and wide for its fabulous products.


In the last few years, its live fresh water crab has gained fame throughout the world and serves as a nice present. The lake is a sheet of skyey water. The general drift of Junshan Lake is northerly and flows into Poyang Lake. There're two small hills in the lake. The eastern hill is called as Sun Mountain while the western one is named as Moon Mountain.


When the stream was dried up, the lake was divided into two sections. When the water rises, it's the combination. Today mountains and waters of beauty and serenity, the remnant of the fighting field have vanished. What a splendid natural view! I never saw its equal! It has become the fantastic leisure paradise for many urbanites.


The live fresh water crab of Junshan Lake is a striking famous brand of marine products at home. There're several dining-rooms on the water on the shore of Junshan Lake. Many raisers of crabs market his own products.


Someone can say, in effect. "The live fresh water crab of Junshan Lake had made alive with the whole village, which had formed a busy shopping street that had gathered together the catering business and transactions in marine products merging into one organic whole.      

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