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Autumn in Zhangjiajie

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Deep autumn is coming, weather starts to getting colder and colder, tourism spots have already gone through their hottest pursuit time, while in Zhangjiajie, the strange and unique weather makes it shapes different scenery with fog and frost, it is the feature of deep autumn, integrates and forms a delightful and charming contrast of natural scene with strange peaks and skillful stones, spring, waterfall, splendid forest and grass.



The decreasing of temperature and increasing of steam make the frost formed in the mountain becomes deeper and thicker, which is illusory and dimly discernible, and the fog representative of Zhangjiajie belongs none but Yuan Jiajie. Being located in the center of the global nature heritage of Wu lingyuan landscape and famous spot, YuanJiajie constitutes the most charming picture scroll and becomes one of the main precise tourism spots of ZhangJiajie with main scenes such as the First Bridge, two tortoises go to heaven and backyard garden. Each time when it is deep autumn, the natural fog gives the ancient trees, mass cirrus, strange rocks and stones a mysterious sense. Now, when you are driving the fastest Bailong Sky Ladder, what you can appreciate would be another crowd in Zhangjiajie.

Golden Whip Stream

It will be cold once it is rainy, however in Golden Whip Stream, the continuous autumn rain becomes the unique scenery, every drop gives a cool and wet sense and experience for the plants and mountains. It is a zigzag, deep and serene canyon of Zhangjiajie, water steams surround it all year round, walking in the canyon from the crossing, peaks gain together and lean each other, stream flows along the canyon and even the splendid forest is quiet and silent, at this time, nothing can bother you, not alone the noisy modern world and pollution of the dusty society. If fog is the shadow of autumn. Then frost would be the spirit in autumn, strange peaks and mountains in Zhangjiajie cannot say beautiful without the decoration of dewdrops, or in some degree, dewdrop brings out the soul and spirit of autumn in Zhangjiajie.

Tianzi Mountain

Autumn would be a great season to appreciate the maple leaves, especially those leaves touched by the frost, which is much more beautiful than the flowers in Feb.. Tianzi Mountain is the most original natural spot in Zhangjiajie, or just conclude with one sentence, the original spot can be beautiful itself, scenery here is all out of workmanship, autumn of Tianzi Mountain is totally decorated by the maple leaves, which is the world of colors, leaves become yellow from green and then change into red by the moisten. Tianzi Mountain in deep autumn is the colorful and shining oil painting, which has excessed the general beauty, though carries the helpless of season changes, maple leaves keep shining on time to declare their beautiful and greatness.

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