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Baimang Snow Mountain with the Inviting Prospect

 2014-04-22    Young    Sights    Yunnan    2520  

Baimang Snow Mountain sometimes referred to as the "Baima Snow Mountain." It lies within Deqin County of Yunnan Province. The mountain itself has dimensions of roughly 190144 hectares. It's the beautifully preserved cold forest zone. It is one important and natural preserve in our country with well protected growth for comprehensive and multi-principle research, especially the well protected primeval forest has a significant position for research on evolution of paleophyte.

It's also considered as the largest natural preservation zone with the highest altitude in Yunnan Province. Its principal object protection includes mountain conifer forest, snub-nosed monkeys and many more. Baimang Snow Mountain is with the natural scenery of the protective forest vertical distribution of high mountains.

Baimang Snow Mountain with a bewitchingly beautiful scene has exerted a strong fascination upon visitors and romantics alike. During the winter, a hundred leagues locked in ice with a thousand leagues of swirling snow. Endless stream of visitors absorb the beauty of snow-capped folklore to their hearts' content and see its superb combination of mountains and sky. In the summer season of melting ice and snow, Baimang Snow Mountain had the sparkle of a mountain stream from place to place.

The hillsides flaming with azaleas compile a colorful and intoxicating scene. The summer had dispensed its flowers, leaves, birds, and harmonies in abundance for the great mountain. In autumn, the natural scenery of Baimang Snow Mountain is showing a unique delight. The forest scenery with a distinctive style and a romantic setting will without doubt let you enjoy its unusual appearance as much as you like.

Driving on the famous Yunnan-Tibet highway, you will be immersed in the colorful and enrapt landscape as soon as you step into this wonderland. The lively three-dimensional effect from distal to proximal creates a deep and intoxicating admiration which surrounds and inhabits you. Far in the distance there lay magnificent snow mountains covered with white snow.

There is a reach of the endless forests in the distance. Woods and forests that glow with autumn tints consist of magnificent scenery beyond words. Specially those flaming autumn leaves as red as fire is like the soul of the snow mountain. They reflect the infinite charming and present an infinite variety of shapes. When you were in the magnificent scene, it could give you a natural and earthy feeling.

Looked at from a distance, Xue tea on the ground is sheer white like as silk. The green of the virgin forest and the rich colors of the wild flowers have attracted numerous tourists both at home and abroad. Here one can admire the large Mongolian cairns that record those notably devout passers-by, which could without doubt give the ancient Baimang Snow Mountain a human touch.

The natural landscape without the human element could be cheerless. This desolate land is blessed with rich spirituality for the fluttering Sutra streamers. All of the Sutra streamers and Mani stone mounds put up by devout believers could fire the romantic imagination of many a pleasure-seeker here. 

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