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Baiyanggou Beauty Spot in Xinjiang

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The beautiful Baiyanggou scenic spot is the renowned summer resort and tourist attraction in the southern suburb of the Urumqi City, about 75 kilometers away from the city proper. Baiyanggou scenic spot is situated at the northern foot of the northern Tian Mountain. The beauty spot belongs to the transition zone between the middle mountain and the low mountain, with the altitude of about 2,252 meters above sea level. The annual precipitation of the region is about 500-600 mm.

On entering the valley, what we only saw are the rugged and forbidding mountains under the blue sky. Herds of sheep and cows were scattered over the broad prairie. The leaping brooks ran through the dense forest and the green field. Invisible under the spruce forest, the picturesque grassland was flecked with the yurts and small buildings. When summer comes, this place is just an expanse of the natural grazing grounds. The mountain summit, the grassland, the flowing stream and dense forest could form the picturesque landscape.

Visitors could come and visit at the yurts of the hospitable Kazak people. The master would show warm hospitality and treat visitors to their best cream tea. Travelers could also ride a horse and go sightseeing. There's one waterfall with the fall of about 40 meters and 2 meters wide at the bottommost depths of the western Baiyang valley, rushing down from the cliff, a light sparkle of a thousand water spray, which could look more like a thick mist and display a unique delight.

The mountainous pasture was very large. There're many beautiful scenic sights from west to east. Among which the western Baiyanggou is the most characteristic scenic spot on the South Hill Pasture where Kazaks could be seen tending cattle and sheep on horseback. Visitors could live under the hospitable Kazak people's roof, drink a bowl of savory milky tea, have a taste of hand-grabbed lamb and absorb the customs of the Kazak people to their hearts' content.

Here visitors could enjoy the most the picturesque prospects in the dense forest, rent a gallant horse from Kazak people to gallop across on the vast expanse of grassland or run through the innermost depths of a forest. Travelers could also enjoy the traditional sports race. There's one natural beetling wall in the innermost of the valley.

The waterfall as of a long white V dancing had the fall of over 40 meters and about 2 meters wide, rushing down from the cliff. Where the cataract hits the lake, the waterfall splashes itself down into a myriad of sprays, throwing up silvery spray with fine particles of water, which has a delicate charm.

If visitors want to drink in the beauty of the crescent darkness of the grassland, then they could have a brief stay overnight. There're the yurts hostels set up and run by the administration office of the landscape in Nan Mountain on a grassy bank. The night is very chilling in the mountains. Thus visitors could wear more clothes to keep out the cold. Night closed in on Baiyanggou scenic spot. 

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