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Baoyan Ecology Sightseeing Park

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Baoyan Ecology Sightseeing Park and the stretch of bluish green cypresses set each other off in the Baoyanwan at the southern foot of the Yushan Mountain. It's the nature land ecopark with the most abundant forest scenes in the Mount Yushan National Forest Park. The scenic beauty predominates in a broad stretch of natural coniferous and broad leaf forests, a wide variety of forest plant species.

There're fruits and tea stereo planting garden, elaborate fruit orchards, appreciating the bamboo species garden, red bayberries species garden and some other forest plant ecological garden inside the park. There are plenty of the most beautiful red bayberries in the June and July of each year, which could attract invasions of tourists from near and far who are also fascinated by Baoyan Ecology Sightseeing Park as a tourist spot. The normal religious and prolonged tradition of viewing red bayberries at Baoyan had grown up for more than a thousand years.

Baoyan Ecology Sightseeing Park occupies a ground space of 200 hectares. Within the scenic spot, it's densely wooded, with many secluded ravines and stunning mountain streams and, since ancient times, has become a favorite haunt of famous writers and painters. Autumn brings with it the sweet scent of fruits and tea trees. The sky was blue and the air fresh and sweet with the large amount of negative ion of oxygen. The park with the rich plants is the ideal place for healthy and health preserving.

Bao red bayberries with over 900 planting years allows visitors to enjoy beautiful views of the forest while experiencing yourself the pleasures of picking and tasting. Over 290 kinds of plant's vital specimens and the animal specimens that displayed inside train compartment of the steam train had applied more integration into the connotation on popular science. Baoyan Temple of great solemnity and serenity is more than one-thousand years old.

There's the Caishen Hall with the largest scale in the south of the Yangtze River, which is luring tourists into flocking there. The cold spring in a limestone cave is not only the largest diversion type waterfall in Southern Area of Yangtze River, but also the primary entrance to Mount Yushan National Forest Park. The upper reaches of the scenic spot is the cave named Laoshi cave where is a secluded world of luxuriant trees and mysterious caverns.

The cool spring originally issued from the cave. The middle and lower reaches of the beauty spot is the deep valley carved out by rainwater all the year around. Its both sides are covered by a large stretch of the bamboo grove. The whole Baoyan Beauty Spot was laid out on a grid pattern that shaped like a Chinese word "吴."

The planting red bayberries in the place had a long history. Red bayberries with much juice in full bearing is moderately sweetish and acidic, which seems to have earned a most resounding fame. The upstanding strawberry tree is one of the most valuable tree species in the world that combined with the fruit and appreciating. 

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