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Beautiful Ayakekumu Lake in Xinjiang

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Ayakekumu Lake is located within the territory of Qiwengeta Village of Ruoqiang County in Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Bayingolin in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The salt lake has an area of about 870 square kilometers, which is mainly the distribution of the surface brine. The smooth surface of the lake rises 3870 meters above sea level.

Ayakekumu Wetland is the most northerly point of Qinghai-Xizang plateau, which is a broad stretch of salt flats stretching to the east and the large freeze-free saltwater lake in the endorheic drainage of A-erh-chin Mountains and Kunlun Mountains.

The scenery looked stunning and tranquil with a small but unbelievably clear lake, fed by many intermittent streams from its surrounding Qimantag Mountains and the East Kunlun Mountains. Its water-collecting area covers about 19280 square kilometers. The South Mingbulake signifies thousands of springs. Vast expanses of marsh geographically distributed the east freshwater lake. Ayakekumu Lake with the cold and dry climate, no summer days all the year round, had the annual precipitation between 100 and 200mm.

The annual average temperature here is below 0℃. It had the extremely high temperature of about 6℃ and the extremely low temperature of below 37℃. Sunshine duration is long, the temperature difference is big, and the annual solar radiation amount is much, which is extremely good for the growth of crops. The meadowing alpine cold grassland is covered with aneurolepidium dasystachys of about 35%.

Ayakekumu Lake belongs to the largest A-erh-chin Mountains national level nature reserve in our country. Its key protection species are mainly the plateau hoofed mammals like Tibetan wild donkey, wild yak, Tibetan antelope, gazelle, blue sheep and so on. In birds, black-necked crane, Tibetan snowcock and many more are also received protection.

Ayakekumu Lake yields no fish, yet it's blessed with abundant aquatic invertebrate resources and the extremely large biomass. Among which fish and worms could be taken as the high protein bait waiting to be exploited. A broad stretch of swamp meadow grassland is originally one of the important pasture bases of Ruoqiang County.

Ayakekumu Lake is also the breeding ground for waterfowl. Brown-necked gulls that are the particular species of Qinghai-Xizang plateau are enjoying an absolute advantage. You could see several couples of black-necked cranes accidently. The meadow steppe species like the lark with a long snout are also found in the swamp.

The main water of Ayakekumu Lake is the wetland. With total length of about 47.8 kilometers and about 17.6 meters wide at its widest point, the shoreline of the lake is about 118 meters. The special plant of Ayakekumu Lake is such kind of plant with low moisture, being rich in nutrients and high biological productivity, which could be considered as a good pasture.

The EPA of Xinjiang, Comprehensive Investigations Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and many more had done their observations in Ayakekumu Lake. Experts from other countries like the U.S., Japan, Canada and Australia etc. also went into the reserve to make the expedition, climb the mountain and travel. 

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