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Beautiful Cuiping Lake in Fujian

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Wulong scenic area in Cuiping Lake is located in central Gutian County of Fujian Province. Forest-clad mountains and limpid streams complete the charming scenery of the beauty spot with many places of great interest. It is blessed with the first-class ecological environment. These competitive tourist sites including the Snake Island, Suo Island and Bird Island are developed in the first phase of Wulong scenic area.

What is known as the Temple of the Blessed is the other place of scenic interest, which dated back to the first year of the reign of Tang Emperor Tianbao. There're ancient architectural complex like Grand Hall, refectory and so on. The important projects during the 1st five-year plan have resulted in the construction of the first underground hydro-electric station in our country.

The Gutianxi hydroelectric power station with 412 meters in total length and about 71 meters in height had overflowed the Gutian old county town for more than 1,000 years, which had formed the first large artificial freshwater lake with the water surface accounting for 37.1 square kilometers. The lake got its name because it was with its back against Mount Cuiping.

The place was surrounded on all sides by sky-kissing peaks, peaks rising one upon another, just like spring most of the year. Far in the distance lies the smooth surface of the lake, there're a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters. With fresh and sweet air and clear jade waters, the scenic spot had been long reputed as "Taihu Lake in Fujian" and "The Thousand-Islet Lake in Fujian."

The lake was dotted with 24 natural islands. Cuiping Lake was the lake of the mountains. Looking in the distance from the lake, the southeast toward Wenbi Peak, Wuhua Peak situated toward the northwest and the northeast ward Yangjiao Peak could form the beautiful scenery of three peaks standing in the lake, which was one of nature's most awesome spectacles with landscape of lakes and hills.

The islands in the lake could face the beautiful water on the other bank. Some of them had a dense growth of evergreen trees and the luxuriant and well-spaced plants; some of them had a forest of garden and green tea mountains. Sailing a boat in the lake, you just feel as if you had been in a different world. It could serve as an ideal place for tourism, recuperating, vacation and summer resort. The magnificent European-styled villas on the lake isle could be an admirable place to come to for recuperating and spending holidays.

The maze of subterranean power plant hidden deep in the mountains, Xianye Temple and so on had the outstanding features of different styles, which had attracted lots of guests from Taiwan and the countries in South-East Asia to go on a pilgrimage, travel and go sightseeing. The place had displayed the evolution of the past and present because visitors could go angling by the lake with tourism atmosphere, have a campfire, taste the good fruits and sing at the top of your lungs. 

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