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Beautiful Places for Photography at Western Sichuan

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Beautiful Places for Photography at Western Sichuan

Different people travel for different purposes. Some for the pure purpose of enjoying beautiful scenery. Some for casual relaxation. Some for learning local culture and customs. Some for taking beautiful photos. Whichever your purpose is, the ultimate aim is for a happy and sweet time. When traveling to western Sichuan, you can fulfill all the above mentioned purposes, but more importantly, taking beautiful and professional photos comes first for many people. Because sceneries at Western Sichuan are so beautiful that they eager to record them and share with their friends.

Western Sichuan generally refers to the vast area in the west of Chengdu Plain, which lies mainly inner Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The southern and northern line of Sichuan-Tibet Highway happens across Western Sichuan, these two landscape avenue connect all the beautiful scenery spots alongside, making them into the paradise for photographers. Now let’s get a closer look at which sites are on the list of photographers.

Hailuogou is located in Moxi Town, Luding County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Here the rushing down ice falls and primitive forests of high mountains are the main photograph subjects. Take a cable car to camp-4, you can see the whole view of Glacier-1, also it is a best place for looking upon Gongga Mountain. At the observing deck near Camp-3, you can record the splendid scenery when sunshine shades on the mountains in the morning.

Kangding is the capital of Ganzi Prefecture. You can transfer to many places of Western Sichuan. What’s interesting here are Kangba men walking in the street. They wearing braid twisted with red ropes, gorgeous headdresses, bronze colored skin, slightly wild eyes, tall nose and bright colorful costumes with broadsword in the belt. These heroic big men come into an unique scenery line for photographers.

Mugecuo, also called Yerenhai, is famous for its spectacular natural scenery. It is located in the middle of Gongga Mountains. Around it, there are high mountains, lakes and springs, primitive forests, grassland and snow mountains, all these become a picture fascinated by photographers.

Xinduqiao is regarded as the Paradise for Photographers because of its picturesque scenery. Magic lights from somewhere, vast grassland, quite streams, golden cypress and poplar trees, continuous mountains, scattered Tibetan villages with some cows and sheep wondering... This is the paradise.

Here at Daocheng, snow mountains, glacier, valley, meadows, lakes, fresh air, bright sunshine, pure and quiet. At this sacred place, there are many places destined for photography, Yading Luorong Cow Field, Chonggu Temple, Pearl Sea, Sanhuzhu holy mountains, Xiannairi, ancient glacier relics, grass beach... Everyone find his own subject for his photos.

Tagong Temple and Tagong grassland are the main subjects at this place. Splendid and magnificent Tagong Temple and Yala Holy Mountain, in the green Tagong grassland with cows and sheep wondering under the bright sunshine... Do not miss you shoot.

Daofu and Danba
Daofu and Danba are not far away from each other. Daofu is special at its luxury and gorgeous dwellings. Danba is unique by its watchtowers.

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