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Beautiful Tuolin Lake Scenic Spot

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Scenic Spots and Historic Sites of Tuolin Lake is within the territory of Yongxiu County and Wuning County in Jiangxi Province. In total, the scenic spot accounts for an area of some 308 square kilometers. Tuolin Lake is the provincial level famous key scenic spot that merges leisure amusement and the sightseeing tourism into one whole. The Tuolin Lake Reservoir is the really magnificent dam across a river that has become the largest earth dam in Asia.

The smooth and broad surface of the nearby lake with the area of about 14 square kilometers is vast expanses of water, slightly wrinkled in the gentle winds and extending to the distant horizon. Since that the largest earth dam in Asia cuts the river in the middle to make by far the largest artificial lake in area of the lakes in Jiangxi Province, which has already created its evocations of history and great scenic charm like the daedal hand of nature.

The landscapes along the lake differ so much from each other that it is hard to reconcile them to a simple statement. Here you could appreciate the scenic sights including sheer precipitous cliffs, deep and secluded ravines, quaint old villages alongside the bank, open lakeside cultivated land and the waterfalls plunging into the lake, as well as the Yijiahe Hotspring that the reservoir outfeed flow 60 cubic meters each day.

Besides uncountable striking natural attractions, its places of cultural interest are equally wonderful. Its main places of historic figures and cultural heritage include the tomb of Weiyuan who was the Minister of war during the Ming Dynasty and the stone inscriptions left behind by the Emperor Qianlong when he travelled the Yangtse River. The water in the beautiful Tuolin Lake is so deep and crystal-clear, smooth as a mirror.

With beautiful environment, pretty natural landscape and numerous human scenes, the rippling Tuolin Lake with the beautiful scene and the pleasant weather is listed as a scenic spot and tourist resort on the provincial and municipal level. The scenery of four seasons has distinctive features of its own.

As spring approaches, the field around the lake is verdant with grass and lovely with foliage and flowers; High summer brings with it the sweet scent of the lotuses in the lake along with other wild flowers in full bloom, which makes it become an ideal place for escaping summer heat since ancient times; The clear and crisp autumn climate brings it with the rice sending off fragrance and fatty fish; In cold winter, the snow-capped scenic area will bring you to the snow-white and crystal clear world!

Of the many places of scenic and cultural interest on or around Tuolin Lake, Yijiahe Hotspring with natural reigning beauty seems to have earned a most resounding fame. Located on the south shore of the lake, the hot spring sends forth a most alluring sulphur air, which makes it become the ideally recuperated place for curing skin diseases and arthritis, protecting against cardiovascular disease and physical therapy. Tuolin Lake's beauty is ever changing yet never fails to entice and entrance.

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