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Beishan National Forest Park in Qinghai

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Beishan National Forest Park with the altitude of about 2100-4308 meters accounts for an area of 1,127 square kilometers in total, with forest coverage reaching 64.3%, the forest accumulation volume of about 4.2886 million. There is a most enchanting and majestic sight of fantastic stone pillars inside the scenic spot. Forest-clad mountains, high bright blue sky, clean air and delightful sunshine complete the scene here, which could give prominence to plateau characteristics.

Beishan National Forest Park is really the tourist resort for recuperating, spending holidays, popular science and expedition, which is the first environmental education base for the green Project Hope activity to protect mother river, also the only ecological park that keeps forest natural landscape in a dominant position in Qinghai.

The park is the home of an abundance of wild animals and plants, reputed as the natural panorama of beautifully balanced fauna and flora. It's a reach of woodland with very splendid mountains and rivers, deep and serene gorge, rough and perilous peaks on both banks of the river. The running water in the bottom of the river ran very fast and high.

This kind of landscape is the mountain landform of lofty mountains and deep valley formed by the Yanshan movement in the Mesozoic era and the Himalayas progeny in the Cenozoic Era. Langshidang as the central scenic area of forest park is the bright pearl of North Hill. Many of the famous scenic sights inside the beauty spot are very legendary with many historical tales. The view is unique in different ways in all four seasons. The place is located in the transitional region from the Loess Plateau to Qinghai-Xizang plateau.

The native forest had the obvious vertical distribution landscape belt. The mountain deciduous Broad-leaf forest and evergreen coniferous forest were counterchanged so there would be more space, with the green luxuriant forest trees, shrubs blotted out the sky and the land. Hule Lake of Heaven is located inside the Beishan National Forest Park.

The water of the pond is clear to the bottom, the surface of the pond is shinning bright, which is reflecting a tranquil blue sky and white cloud, snow-topped mountains and the marshlands, framed like a vast emerald in its setting of the lofty mountains. Shenlongtan waterfall reached over 50 meters in height and five meters in width.

There's one brilliantly colored image of the Buddha on a sharp towering stone cliff on the right side of the waterfall. Antiquities on Tulou Mountain are mainly Buddhist temples, Taoist temples, brick-built pagoda, grottoes, murals and the open Cliffside Buddha. Doumu hall nestling at the foot of the mountains is the most imposing structure on Tulou Mountain.

There's one descending cliff body about hundreds of meters in height at the centre of the grotto seems to have sprung from the ground. The open Devaraja is big and powerful, with a very craggy shape and artistic style of the Tang Dynasty. The shrines and temples on Tulou Mountain have a strong and mysterious color of religion. They refer to sites where people engage in archaic religion. 

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