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Benxi Water Karst Cave

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Benxi Water Karst Cave is located in Benxi City, Liaoning Province, covering an area of 42 square kilometers. There six major tourist spots which are water cave, spring temple, spring ditch, gate-closing mountain, iron brake, back-temple mountain. But the most famous of the place is probably the water cave.

The word karst is originated from karst plateau in Yugoslavia. Because its strange and unique landscape there and the discovery of holes in limestones, more and more scientists are paying attention to it. Since then, people called all good things as Karst. The Water Karst Cave used to be in a vast of ocean in ages ago. At that time, the weather is warm and tons of shoots stone and insects began to multiply rapidly and different creatures evolved generations after generations. They remains were brushed and eroded with water, sinking down to the earth.

The cave is giant karst cave filled with water, it is believed to be formed in 10 thousand years ago. The entrance hole is about 16 meters tall, 25 meters in width, with crescent shape. Stepping in, there is a huge tourists welcoming halls that could hold a thousand people at the same time. Going to the right, there is 300 meters long Dry Hole with amazing views.

It’s such a nice place to go in hot summer. The average temperature in the cave is 12 degrees, with clear water flowing. The deepest spot could reach up to 2.3 kilometers, kinda scary to me. What if someone falls into the water by accident? Would that lead him to the center of the earth? With the color neon lights shining now and then, reflections on stones and rock just make them more beautiful. What a great gift from nature. I wonder how many lost lives among those rocks.

Each stone has its own name according to its look. Sailing from the harbour, you could see dozens of stones labeled with names such as Flying Spring, Corn Tower, Immortal Pills, Dragon Horn, Unicorn, Peacock Rock and so much more. I have to admire the great mind of people here, they name every rock with the best name.

The most exciting part probably is the drifting in Prince River. Prince River is a river that flows through the cave. Tourists can drift along the river with 14 kilometers natural views, green mountains and cool waters, just imagine all the fun you could have. I don’t even know where to put my eyes on, everything is worth looking and enjoying. No wonder it was called the First Drifting in Northeast.

If you were a fan of crocodiles, you can’t miss this. In crocodiles garden, there’s breath-taking crocodiles performance. For those bold tourists, they can sit on the crocodile’s back and take a picture. Definitely not for me, even just looking at it gives me goosebumps. But I do enjoy pretty Burma girl dancing, very exotic and unique.

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