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Best Hot Springs in Yunnan

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Yunnan, one of the most visited  destinations in China, is well known for its dramatic landscape and  breathtaking views. However not many people know the fact that Yunnan,  characterized by mountain ranges and rich in natural resources, is also home to  hot springs. It is said that there are over 600 hot spring centers within  Yunnan, including a variety of different styles and features. Among the  numerous hot springs in Yunnan, the best ones are to be found in the region of  Tengchong, Anning, Shuifu and Eryuan. As the Chinese New Year holiday comes,  treat yourself with a visit to one of these relaxing hot spas. Soak up the rejuvenating  hot spring water to wash away the fatigue of the old year.

Rehai Hot Spring Park (Tengchong County)


Featuring more than 80 hot springs in a scenic  mountain valley, Rehai is the most popular hot spring resort area around  Tengchong. Rehai Hot Spring Park, also named the Hot Sea, is situated south of  the seat of Tengchong with an area of 8 square kilometers. The famous  attraction there called Da Gun Guo, is a natural hot spring shaped like a big  boiling pot, hence the name. The water temperature is 98 degree centigrade and  some locals offer tourists eggs cooked in the spring’s heat. Hot water is  ejected into the streams with steam filling the air. You will smell a strong  odour of sulphur as you walk into the valley. After roaming in the park, soak  in one of the famous springs including Frog Mouth, Lion Head, Peal Spring and  Drum-beat Spring for relaxation.

Rehai Hot Spring.jpg

Tengchong has brought an increase in local  tourism with its recently constructed airport, making it a new hot tourist spot  in Yunnan. More and more visitors come to Tengchong for the volcanic park.  There are several direct flights from Kunming to Tengchong. Buses are also  available daily from Kunming West Bus Station for Tengchong, which takes 10  hours during the ride.

Jinfang Forest Hot Spring (Anning County)

Jinfang Hot Spring2.jpg

Jinfang Forest Hot Spring resort distinguishes  itself by being the Japanese style hot spring in Anning county, a town 1 hour  southwest of Kunming. With a dense forest and a quiet environment, Jinfang  Forest Hot Spring comprises of several natural underground hot springs.  Temperature of the spring water maintains at 40-50 degree centigrade throughout  the year. The water is pure and clear with high concentration of minerals and  microelements in it that benefit our skin and body. Each spring pool has a  theme distinctive from one other: stone-bottomed hot spring, mud-bottomed hot  spring; one spring is covered with rose petals floating on the top, another is  filled with milk. These Japanese style hot springs are outdoor with an emphasis  on the atmosphere around the forest. So indulge yourself in the thermal hot  spring water while sit back and look up into the treetops.

Jinfang Hot Spring1.jpg

Since Anning is  located on the outskirts of Kunming, buses and small vans run regularly between  Kunming and Anning.

Western Grand  Canyon Hot Spring (Shuifu County)  

Western Grand Canyon Hot Spring1.jpg                       

Western Grand  Canyon Hot Spring lies on the bank of Jinsha River in Shuifu county of Yunnan  province. It is about 32 kilometers away from Yibin of Sichuan province and 4  kilometers from Shuifu County. Along the sides of Jinsha River, there are green  mountains, steep cliffs and swift currents. There is a wonderful spring hidden  under the beautiful canyon at the depth of 2,380 meters. It was discovered by Yunnan  Geological Survey while they were drilling a well. Now Western Grand Canyon Hot  Spring is the largest natural outdoor hot spring in China. Occupying an area of  over 300 acres, it can hold more than 3,000 people bathing at the same time.
Western Grand Canyon Hot Spring2.jpg 
It takes  approximately one hour to drive from Yibin City of Sichuan to Western Grand Canyon Hot Spring.

Geothermal State  (Eryuan County)

Geothemal State.jpg

Eryuan is a  small county in Dali that lies between Dali and Lijiang. It’s known for Cibi Lake which is about 73 kilometers north of Dali and drains southward into the  beautiful Erhai Lake. Eryuan is famous for its numerous hot springs. If you need  a hot spa to relive fatigue after days traveling in Dali, Eryuan would be the  right place for relaxation. The most popular hot spring is the Geothermal State.  With an area of 1,000 acres, it is said the largest outdoor mineral hot spring  in Asia. There are also plenty of smaller hot springs around the area. You can  ask the locals to show you the way.

Direct buses  from Xiaguan (Dali New Town) for Eryuan leave every 15 minutes departing from  Xiaguan North Terminal Bus Station. It costs about 90 minutes by taxi to Eryuan  from Dali Old Town.

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