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Best Winter Trip - Changbai Mountain of Jilin

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Snow-white scenery, hot spring, vast ski resort and smaller crowds make Changbai Mountain a perfect place to spend this winter holidays. Unlike most visitors who choose Changbai Mountain as a summer resort to escape heat, we are going to explore the winter fun of it.

Changbai Mountain is located on the border between China and North Korea, ranging from Heilongjiang Province, Jilin, Liaoning, Ryanggang of North Korea to Chagang of North Korea. As the highest mountain in the territory of Northeast China, most peaks of Changbai Mountain have a height of more than 2000 meters. The natural scenery in Changbai Mountain varies from season to season, but winter is widely regarded as the most attractive one.

The Changbai Mountains Scenic Area

The Changbai Mountains Scenic Area is renowned as a 5A national scenic tourist resort, boasting for grand peaks, magnificent waterfalls, wild animal and plants, heavenly lake as well as green forest. Winter in Changbai Mountain is typically cold and nippy and the lowest temperature here has recorded 44 degree below zero. Thus the snowy scenery is wonderful and attractive. The largest ski park around Asia is situated in Changbai Mountain, which is covered with pure natural snow. Tourist may have a lot of funs here, such as skiing on the snow, making lovely snow man, have snowball fights with friends, appreciating snowy landscapes and so on.

Heavenly Lake

Actually, Changbai Mountain is a volcano, but it is not working now. As is estimated, the last eruption happened several hundred years ago. Gradually water filled the volcanic opening and the heavenly lake was formed. It is the origin three famous rivers in north part of China, Songhua River, Yalu River and Tumen River. Due to the geography, Changbai Mountain is always surrounded by white clouds, looking like a precious jade on the heaven. Climate is also an astonishing scene here because you may find it raining hard on the east and shining warmly on the west. Interesting, right? By the way, there usually have a hot spring near a volcano, so take a comfortable bath after a whole day’s trip is a perfect choice.

Mysterious Underground Forest

Underground forest is a natural museum with the lowest altitude, ancient trees, medical plants, strange rocks, dangerous canyons as well as rare animals. As scientists introduced, it is formed by the eruption of volcano and leave great mysteries to modern people. These years, more and more travelers come here to appreciate precious scenes and take photos. And scientists try to explore the rare medical plants.

Travel tips: 1. winter in Changbai Mountain is extremely cold. Please prepare thick coats and sweaters. Besides, water-proof clothes and shoes are necessary since weather is unexpected sometimes. 2. It may usually take visitors one or two days to go around the spot in Changbai Mountain. 3. The peak seasons are from June to September, because the weather is cool in Changbai Mountain. The ideal months to ski are from November to March. 

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