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Best destinations for young couples(part 1)

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Young and in love are always want the perfect holiday with their partner.Here are some best holiday destinations in China for young couples.

1. The ancient city of Lijiang

First built in Southern Song Dynasty, The ancient city of Lijiang is known as the Oriental Venice in northwest Yunnan Province.Lijiang is also on the list of the world major cultural heritage. There are many ting stone bridges in Lijiang. Most of the folk houses are brick-and-tile structures with carved doors and painted windows.


By Air:It takes 45 minutes from kunming to Lijiang.There are also direct flights to Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.

By Train:It takes more than 8 hours from Lijiang to Kunming by train.

By long-distance bus – Lijiang has several bus terminals and the traffic is very convenient.It takes 9 hours from Kunming to Lijiang by bus.

What to eat in Lijiang?

Sifang Street in Lijiang is the famous snack street in Lijiang.There are many representative local dishes here,including three cascading, eight bowl, chicken jelly beans, Matsutake and so on.

What to buy in Lijiang?
Ljiang has a variety of local specialties,such as Dongba tie-dyed, homespun, Dongba tapestries, snow tea,Sulima wine, Naxi mural, Bunun bell and so on.

Travel tips:

Lijiang has a plateau monsoon climate with low temperature and big temperature difference between day and night.It’s necessary to carry a sun hat, sunscreen cream products for the strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.

2. Sanya City

The best thing to do in Sanya is relax. Known as the “City of Deer”,Sanya is a tropical international tourist city and the second largest island in China. People come to Sanya to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful beaches, bright sunshine and clean seawater.Except that,Sanya has natural tropical scenery and historical sites.


By Air – Sanya has flights to Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and other cities.It’s easy to take flight to 63 cities in the world from Sanya.

By Train –Vistors can take train to Beijing West, Hainan, Guangzhou and other places directly.And it takes 4 hours from Haikou to Sanya by train.

By long-distance bus –There is Haikou Line Express sent from Sanya to Haikou every 20 minutes. Daily coach will be sent to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and other provinces 20 shift one day.

What to eat in Sanya?

Vistors can not miss the seafood in Sanya. There are popular seafood such as steamed sea urchin, steamed scallops, Abalone, raw lobster, crab congee, salt and pepper Lai urinary shrimp, steamed grouper, Cheilinus undulates and so on.

What to buy in Sanya?

There are variety of crafts and souvenirs in Sanya, including crystal pearl, shell products, dried seafood, coconut, coffee series products, dried fruit dried meat and so on.

Travel tips:

Take sunscreen cream which SPF is over 40 and good water proofing property,drugs preventing heat stroke, gastrointestinal disease and mosquito bite.If you eat eat seafood,you should not drink beer at the same time and it’s better not to drink cold drinks and eat watermelon and swim until one hour later.

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