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Bingzhongluo - A Wonderland Guarded by Mountains

 2013-11-12    Selina Ou    Sights    Yunnan    3560  

Bingzhongluo, a wonderland guarded by ten holy mountains, is a beautiful place that has all the factors of Shangri-La has. Mysterious mountains, great rivers, green meadows, gorgeous flowers, strong cultural customs, coexisting of multi-ethnic and multi-religions. Today let’s see what’s special at this wonderland.


Bingzhongluo is located in Gongshan County, Yunnan Province. Bingzhongluo lies in the central place of the Three Paralleling Rivers, which are Nujiang, Lancang River and Jingsha River, surrounded by High Li Gongshan, Mount Nu and Yunling, among which Mount Nu lies throughout Bingzhongluo from north to south. The special geographical location of Bingzhongluo has endowed beautiful and magnificent natural scenery to Bingzhongluo.

The First Curve of Nujiang

Actually Nujiang has made great contribution for raising the beautiful nature at Bingzhongluo. North starts from the deep valley of Qiunatong, down into the south at Bingzhongluo, but Danla mountain blocks its way and changes it direction. This is where the half-round curve comes. Among this grand and magnificent curve, there lies a village called Kangtong Village, which is a small plain with rich and beautiful rural scenery.

Stone Gate

Nujiang flows between High Li Gongshan and Biluo Snow Mountain. In the north of Bingzhongluo, these two grand mountains comes close to each other thus forms a magnificent stone gate which is about 500 meters high and 200 meters wide. At this very gate, Nujiang forces through the Stone Gate then roaring down to the next destination. This is really an impressive and exciting scenery.

Unique Sunrise & Sunset Scenery

Because of its unique location and natural environment, people at the south of Bingzhongluo have the chance to see two times of sunrising and sunset at the very day of Winter Solstice. At this day, the sun rises from Biluo Snow Mountain, then setting behind the Gongdang Holy Mountain after about two hours wondering in the long narrow sky between mountains. Then it rises again from the Gongdang Holy Mountain, shining bright glazing sunlight, but sets into Gao Li Gongshan after about half an hour. This is the unique gorgeous sunrising and sunset scenery at Bingzhongluo. 

Bingzhongluo is a not only a beautiful place, but also a harmonious place with rich cultural customs. At this place, there lives nationalities of Nu, Dulong and Tibetan, religions of primitive religion, Buddhism, Catholicism and Christianity coexist at this wonderland. You see a place with happy and peace.

When come to Bingzhongluo, take it easy and slow your time. Life at Bingzhongluo is casual, relaxed and pleasant. People are friendly here, whenever you visit a family, they treat you well with their home-made tea, or wine, or some local snacks. Bingzhongluo, stands aloof from the outside, being quite and easy, may make you forget where you come from, where you are going... 

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