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Blue Moon Valley in Yunnan

 2014-06-29    Young    Sights    Yunnan    2693  

The preexistence of Blue Moon Valley is also known as White Water River. The water appears blue to us on a bright and clear day, and the valley is framed like a crescent shape. The valley is very beautiful and looks like one blue moon at a distance in its setting of being at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, hence the name as Blue Moon Valley.

The water pool with the mountains around from three sides and water on the rest looks emerald green, contrasting sharply and to each other's advantage with the silk-colored water in the Blue Moon Valley. Blue Moon Valley derives its name from the fact that the mud at the bottom of the lake is white, and the water would change to white color when the rain started. The water of Blue Moon Valley is blocked by the mountains in the process of flowing. Thus it has formed four larger water surface areas, which are dubbed as Yuye Lake, Jingtan Lake, Blue Moon Valley and Tingtao Lake.

The rivers formed by the melting of ice and snow from the snowy Yulong Mountain gently flowed through the valley at the foot of the eastern foothills of the snow-capped mountains. The beautiful moon is counterfeited in the lake of tranquil blue water in sharp relief against the azure sky. The Blue Moon Valley from the work of one English writer closely resembles the place, hence the fancy name as Blue Moon Valley.

There's the luxuriant vegetation around the lake. It's backed up with snowy peaks. The still water of the lake is transparent blue, with lusher tinge dotted around it here and there. At the centre of the lake, take the time to look around, nothing met the eyes but the white clouds drifting by and green mountain peaks appearing in one moment and disappearing in the next, the scenery is like an enchanting picture out of this world.

If you would like to, you could take photographs of the reflections of the snowy Yulong Mountain in the clear blue water of the Blue Moon Valley or go rowing on the placid waters completely entranced by the surrounding scenes. Its scenery is dreamy and dramatic, so that it seems like itself a picturesque scene of fairyland.

It is absolutely critical that the Blue Moon Valley at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Blue Moon Vale near the Shika Snow Mountain is not the same places. Blue Moon Vale is located at the boundaries of Shangri-la area; it's the cradle of civilization of Naxi nationality; while the Blue Moon Valley is one great valley from Spruce Meadow to Maoniu meadow.

It is also worthy to note that the water of the Blue Moon Valley contains free copper, which makes them undrinkable. At nightfall in the Blue Moon Valley, with the wind blowing coolly, but a peek at the upcoming beautiful scenery lured me into walking on and on, with my camera. As I looked down into the crystal clear water I saw the reflections of many surrounding elements and the strange light the sun made now.

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