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Breathtaking Jigong Mountain in Henan

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The world-famous Jigong Mountain is sitting on the boundary of Henan Province and Hubei Province, and neighbors Dabie Mountain in the west. It is one of the country's four well-known summer resorts since ancient times. The mountain is one national level scenery spot, which is a natural and beautiful summer scenic place. With the summer coming, visitors both inside and outside country would prefer to come here in a continuous stream to go on a vacation.

Jigong Mountain is one national-level nature reserve which belongs to the primeval forest ecological system and is holding in store the diverse and colorful tour resources inside the reserve. It is mostly covered with clear brooks and deep dense forest. There're abundant biological resources available inside the tourist resort.

Jigong Mountain is distinguished by more than lots of cliffs, valleys and high peaks. It is known throughout the world for its climate as one of the four summer resorts in our country. In summer, the average temperature of the mountain is not high, so it is a good summer resort for many visitors. With wonderful and rare natural scenery, Jigong Mountain has greatly expanded its tourism sector. The scenery varies widely from that of the northwest, with its rolling mountains and plains.

You can see the eight of the world's most diverse landscapes with your own eyes, like the sea of clouds, sunset rays, foreign plants and many more. It's recorded that its main peak is just like a great cock flying in the cloud and mist. The whole sights saw that some time can but some time cannot. The mountain brooks are in silent trickling. The thick indigenous forests are home to lots of exquisitely colored and rare birds.

The Jigong Mountain is joined by common mountains and rivers. It's one transition area that transfers from warm temperate zone to the northern sub-tropic zone. It's a spur of the Jigong mountain range and its high peak is just like the great cock is crowing and the dawn is not far off. Jigong Mountain is mainly from the cracks in the earth and the rivers pinched back at the sun. You could enjoy the extraordinary sight of unbroken clouds when you climbed to the top of its peak. You could view the mountains that stretched up-and-down with various shapes from different angles. There're also some famous scenery spots that have a strong color of religion over pine-woods.

This old-fashioned sheds shows a distinctive elegance amid the group of buildings. Despite the fact you're in the climate in the high mountains, you could never have mountain reaction. Its agreeable weather and beautiful scenery makes it a famous summer resort. Here people can enjoy the freedom, joviality and perfect experience by going to Jigong Mountain so as to escape the summer heat. A leisurely walk down this rambling forest path would reward the summer visitors with solitude and spectacular scenery. Jigong Mountain is really one ideal place for people to enjoy recreation and, with its wonderful scenery, has become a favorite haunt to tourists both at home and abroad. 

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