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Bright Civilization in Tibet Museum

 2014-03-16    Sylvia Lai    Tours    Lhasa    2298  

Every country has their glorious civilization and culture, one way to get more understanding to them is to visit the museum. The museum is like a window that completely show on history, art, biology medical and so on. All kinds of which reflect how their countries were used to be. Tibet museum is one of them. 


Tibet museum is located on the southeast of Norbulingka Road of Lhasa. It is the biggest national level modern museums in Tibet. The museum covers an area of 53959 square meters, big and practical. It was built in October 1999, in memory of 50th anniversary of the foundation PRC and also for the 40th anniversary of democratic reform in Tibet.The exhibition hall of Tibet museum has its own architectural style, mixed Tibetan element in the decoration. The museum has rich collection treasures. Various types of cultural relics in Tibet can be seen here. There are more than one thousands exhibits on display, most of which are focus on the Tibetan history, culture, art, religion, folk custom.The two most worth halls for the exhibition to be expected are the exhibition for the history of Tibet and the special exhibition for Thangka and jade.


In the history exhibition hall, a lot of collections have a very long history. It mainly show to us the precious Pattra-leaf scriptures, solemn Buddha, old pots, elegant china, folk costume, and the weapons. Pattra-leaf scriptures were originated in ancient India before the paper was invented. Pattra-leaf is a kind of leaves to record the Buddhism classical materials and the painting. It has 2500 years history. It is a kind of very important raw material for studying of ancient Tibetan culture, language, Buddhism and religious art. Besides the scriptures, the old pots are glorious beautiful. They are full of national features. The most famous is a pottery painted in red and black with two parts which looks really exquisite. No matter the expression of its shape or the good looking color for the pottery, they are always seems so perfect to people. It is said that the pottery is representative for the highest status of the production of pottery in the Neolithic Age in Tibet.


In the special exhibition hall, the colorful Thangka is really worth to appreciate. Thangka is a kind of unique painting in the Tibetan culture. It usually paints in the satin just similar as the scroll painting. With the distinctive features and rich religious colors and special artistic style, it is also treated as the incomparable treasure of Tibetan. But drawing for Thangka which uses a lot of natural mineral and plant pigments are extremely complex and fastidious. Many colors of Thangkas are very gorgeous and lasting very long with strong Tibetan style. The wisdom Tibetans used their master-hands to draw their beliefs and civilization into those wonderful Thangkas.

Tibetan created lots of charming and rich culture in the long historical culture. When you wander in this huge exhibition hall, seek for those countless treasures, you will certainly surprise for these amazing precious collections and praise them highly!


Tips to visit Tibet museum

Ticket: free 

Opening Hours: 10:00AM to 6:00PM (Closed on Mondays) 


Take bus No. 86, 98, 106, 109, 201, 203, 204

Take taxi from the center Lhasa to the museum, it needs about CNY10

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