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Changbaishan Wanda International Resort

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Changbaishan Wanda International Resort is one of a kind. The resort is the only holiday resort in China that is located in the mountains. Within the resort is Asia’s best facilitated ski resort, winter outdoor sports/facilities, hot springs, luxurious hotels, Shaman culture center, Changbaishan Theatre and a resort town filled with entertainment.

Wanda Ski Resort

The ski season at Wanda begins at the end of November until the end of March with an average of 120 days of skiing. The ski resort was designed by Winter Olympic design company Ecosign who created a 43 ski routes and a ski run of 30 kilometers and a ski resort that can accommodate 8,000 skiers.

Tips: For first time skiers we advise you hire an instructor so you can familiarize yourself with the sports and don’t forget to wrap up warm as the temperature can plummet to below -40 degrees!

Winter Activities

Husky Sledding

Sledding is always a great activity in the winter especially if you have the most adorable husky companions pulling your sledge for you! Whilst on your sledge ride you can enjoy the beautiful winter scenery.

Horse Sleigh Ride

For those who want a slightly more romantic way to enjoy the winter snow a horse sleigh ride sure tops the list. The horse sleigh has said to be one of the most ancient forms to transportation for northeastern China as for hundreds of years many have relied on this form of transportation. So as well as fitting in a bit of romance you can also experience a bit of traditional northeastern culture.


Outdoor lovers who are in need of a challenge can take the time for curling. Having a game with friends to test out your patience and precision is great fun. It’s a great way to interact with friends and bring the group closer.

Ice-skating on Frozen Lake

We’re all familiar with an artificial ice rink but at Wanda International resort you can ice-skate in the great outdoors. Skating actually takes place on a frozen lake, perhaps the idea itself has you excited. Whizzing around at great speeds will have you entertained. What’s more you can have great fun in the sunshine.

Changbaishan Theatre

The Changbaishan Theatre is equipped with the latest technology and facilities to ensure guests are comfortably entertained. There are 650 luxurious seats in the theatre and with a fantastic program organized for guests the night will be unforgettable.

Changbaishan Hot Springs

The hot springs of Changbaishan have the reputation of being “holy water” as the hot springs are associated with many health benefits. The rich minerals make you revitalized after all the winter activities and for the ladies the hot springs can improve the skin and make it more youthful! 

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