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Chengde Travel Tips

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The Qing Emperor Kangxi built Chengde Mountain Resort in 1703.Since then, Chengde had become an important political place in Qing Dynasty which was called “the second capital”.Until now, Chengde become a world-renowned resort for the lots of cultural monuments.

As the one of the most beautiful place beyond the Great Wall, Chengde is also the hunting place of the Qing Dynasty and spectacular imperial garden.The beautiful scenery of Chengde will amazed you.

Chengde Highlights

Enjoy a Cool Summer in Mountain Resort!

You can not miss the Mountain Resort.The wonderful temple, church, building, museum, pavilion, House, Villa, Temple are everywhere.You will certainly be impressed by the Qing easygoing life.

Feel the Charm of Diverse Cultures in the Eight Outer Temples!

Eight Outer Temples is a series Tibetan Buddhist temples located on the northeastern of Mountain Resort.These temples use symbolism to express the world of paradise on the Buddhist scriptures.This layout is rare in the history of Chinese architecture.

Riding on Sanhanba!

Sanhanba is the largest forest park in north China.It’s part of the famous Qing royal hunting place “Mulan Paddock”.Pick a great horse and enjoy the fun of riding!

The best time to go to Chengde

Chengde has a moist semi-arid continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, abundant sunshine.The winter is cold and spring is drought.Summer is hot and rainy.Autumn is cool with big temperature difference between day and night. Chengde is a great place escape from the summer heat.The autumn has a beautiful scenery.So,summer and autumn are the best season come Chengde.

Chengde Transportation

The Train
Chengde Railway Station is located on the southeast Station Road.There are more than 10 trains to Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Baotou, Dandong, Ulan, Chifeng, Jinzhou and other places everyday.

Tel :0314 -7622602
How to get there: take NO1,NO2,NO5,NO7,NO11,NO15 bus

The Bus

The bus can generally take you to any attraction in Chengde, just take 1yuan.In addition,NO1 bus is Double Layer,take 2yuan.

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