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China - Must See Scenic Sites

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Must See Scenic Sites

Apart from the famous Great Wall, Terracotta Army, etc., there are many cities and sites with relaxing atmosphere, beaches, and natural beauty. Few among them are Xishuangbanna, Sanya, Dunhuang, Lijiang, and Jiuzhaigou. The choice of sites that are to be visited is very significant for any person who visits China for the first time. Popular sites such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Yangtze River, etc. are commonly visited. But, people do miss some special destination.

Xishuangbanna – Jungle Valleys and Tropical Forests

This place is a good scenic site in the province of Yunnan in southern part of China. The main scenic features are jungle valleys and tropical rain forests. It is located in deepest regions of the province and borders Myanmar and Laos. It is included among the best scenic regions to capture complete scenery range in China. Most special areas are Wild Elephant Valley and Daluo River, One Tree Forest.

Sanya - Famous Tropical Beaches

It is located in island named Hainan in southern part of China. The main beautiful features are island paradises and tropical beaches. Almost all travellers to China love the seaside. China is blessed with big tropical beaches that extent many kilometres. Sanya is a destination that boasts few best beaches with complete tourist facilities. At short distance from the coast, there is Wuzhizhou Island that has best coral reefs. Yalong Bay possesses sandy coves that are lined with palms. The clear sea with blue water is another speciality of this place.

Dunhuang and Desert Rocks

It is located in the province of Gansu in north western part of China. The attractive features are desert rock formations, and untouched desert sands that has oasis. One facet of scenery in China is desert land of Silk Road. This place is recognized as a classic desert spot in China. There is an oasis in between curved dunes in the Echoing Sand Mountain. The name of oasis is Crescent Spring. It is just fifteen minutes away from city centre. The national park in Yardang provides austere scenery with its outcrops as well as boulders that are wind carved.

Snow Capped Peaks of Lijiang

Lijiang is located in the province of Yunnan in South China. The attractive features are snow capped peaks of mountains, upper reaches of Yangtze and spectacular gorges. It is a favourite of every backpacker due to its beautiful mountain landscape and small town experience. The Yangtze Blend, Jade Dragon Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, and more give striking experience to hikers as well as photographers. People love the relaxing atmosphere of this place a lot. The sceneries can never be erased for memories once this place is visited.

Jiuzhaigou – Colourful Rivers and Lakes

Jiuzhaigou is located in province named Sichuan in west central part of China. The beautiful sceneries here are forested valleys and colourful rivers as well as lakes. It is well known for the magnificent valleys such as Zharu, Rize, Chnahghai, Shuzheng and Jianyan. The forests here are so ancient. All over, the water is either brightly coloured or crystal clear. High valleys are listed on natural world heritage.

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