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China’s Charming Postcard Scenery- Xitang Ancient Town

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Suppose that you have a one-week vacation this winter, where will you go? There many places that worth to visit in China, but I strongly recommend you to experience the classic oriental beauty in Xitang Ancient Town. So pack up you luggage and let is go!

Xitang Ancient Town is a charming postcard of China, which is located in Jiaxing City in Zhejiang Province and not faraway from Shanghai and Hangzhou. China has a lot of classic ancient towns and Xitang Ancient Town is one of them. With cozy weather, clear rivers, time-honored bridges and buildings as well as natural landscapes, people in Xitang Ancient Town lead a slow-paced life. Thus more and more tourists come here to enjoy the scenery and rest their hearts.

Covered Corridor

As its name implies, Xitang is an age-old town and some of the architectures can be traced back to the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Xitang Ancient Town boasts for the covered corridor, old bridges and special alleys, which attract piles of tourists from home and aboard. People call it Covered Corridor, because it is tile-roofed and mainly severed as a shelter for people to avoid sun and rain. Covered Corridor, built along the river, usually has a length of about 1000 meters. While walking in it, tourists can appreciate the picturesque landscape on the riversides, just like wandering in a fairyland. Carved decorative patterns have added some elegance to this old Covered Corridor for it is filled with oriental art style and Chinese amorous feelings. If you feel tied, having a short rest in the davenports and watching the fro and go boats are great choices.

Well Preserved Bridges

Xitang Ancient Town is built on water, and bridges are not only beautiful highlights but also indispensable transportation links here. With various bridges built over the rivers, people can transfer from one side of the town to the other conveniently. If you look closely, you may find that each of the bridge is very different from the others in the shape, carved patterns, length. The attractive patterns on the bridges are carved by ancient craftsmen with special craftsmanship. The bridges resemble lovely necklaces of Xitang Ancient Town, and the attractive patterns on bridges are just like the shining diamonds carved on necklaces. Besides, many bridges have their own legends and those legends are passed down from generation to generation.

Archaic Houses

Unlike most modern cities in China, new mansions can be hardly found in Xitang Ancient Town. Archaic houses have always been the main architectures here, though some of them already have grasses on the roofs. There goes a local saying that the spirit of the former owner of the house joins with the grass. In other words, the flourished grasses refer to the prosperity of the house.

Do you want to find a quiet travel resort and make your heart calm down? Then come and join us in Xitang Ancient Town.

Travel tips: 1. the admission fee is about 100 Yuan in Xitang Ancient Town. 2. Buses are available between Jiashan County and Xitang. It may take you about 10 minutes to get there.

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