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Chrysanthemum Island in Xingcheng

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Chrysanthemum Island is located in the 15 sea miles from Xingcheng city, Liaoning Province. It seems like a calabash floating on the sea, with an area of 15 square kilometers. Every year in July and August, numerous tourists flood to the island and enjoy their time off. Before the ferry anchored, sounds of dealers selling fresh seafood already fill everyone’s ear.

The first thing that comes into my sight is a huge statue of Bohai Guanyin lying on the beach, facing towards the sea. This statue was donated by a Taiwanese business man and was already consecrated in 1994. Local residents worship it very much. Those fishermen alway pray in front of the statue before they go out to the sea. People here have faith in a lot things, they also believe in Mazu Gold and Four-sea Dragon King.

In the Strange Rock Beach, there is an interesting story. Once upon a time, there was a big war between ocean animals and land animals. At that time, Chrysanthemum Island was connected to the land and it was the main battlefield. The Turtle General gathered his crab soldiers on the beach and waited for the Lion with his camels and crocodiles troops. The fight was cruel and fierce, even the penguins from the South Pole came here to join them.

An immortal named Purple Cloud Lady tried to cease the war but failed. Guanyin Bodhisattva had to send a buddha to stop the fight with chanting. Finally the battle stopped and everyone turned into a rock. The buddha was too tired so he took a nap, unfortunately, he never woke up. If you come her when the tide is out, you would see tons of crabs here. This is a true kingdom of crabs.

In the middle of the island, there is an old octagonal well that can be traced back to Liao Dynasty. It was built by the monk from Giant Dragon Temple. Even though thousands years have passed, it still functions pretty well. People still come here and get some well water. Right besides the well grows a bodhi tree with really nice green shades, which adds more mysterious touch to this amazing place. Bodhi tree was originally from India.

As the holy trees for buddhism, bodhi means conscience and wisdom. It was brought to China in AD 502. Generally speaking, subtropical plant like bodhi trees don’t grow well in cold weather such as northern China. But in Chrysanthemum Island there are around 40s bodhi trees on the island.

Walking from the well along the steps, there is Tangwang Hole(King-Hiding Hole). Legend has it that in the last stage of the Warring States, the prince of State Yan called Dan tried to kill the Emperor Qin but failed. So he escaped to the island and tried to find a place to hide. Just when he was going to break down, a small hole in front of him just cracked so he got in and survived.

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