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Teddy Bear Museum-Cutest Bear in the World

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Everyone knows Teddy Bear but the problem is how much do you know about this cute little thing? When it first appeared in history? The story began with a hunting. In 1902, president of the United States-Roosevelt wasn’t shooting any animal, in an attempt to comfort him, people tied a small black bear that they hunted in advance on the tree for him.

However, when he saw that poor bear, he made people release the bear immediately and sworn he would never ever kill black bear. The story was posted on Washington Post and the bear was named as the nickname of the president-Teddy. Since then, teddy bear was born. As the time goes, teddy bear has become more than just a toy, it’s more like a culture that holds love and dream.

The perfect transformation of Teddy bear makes it become the precious collection from all around the world. Every year in London, Christie's auction house in London holds auctions of Teddy bears in every two years. Don't underestimate those toys, even the average price can be pretty expensive.

I always have this dream the day I could afford a teddy bear, haha! In order to spread the spirit of love and dream to China, they have built a Teddy Bear Museum in Chengdu city, capital of Sichuan Province. There are three floors in total, with more than 1000 teddy bears on display. If you are a big fan of teddy bear, this is the last thing you want to miss.

What makes the teddy bear museum different from other is that not only it collects precious teddy bear collections, also offers an unique happy experience when tourists enjoying the joy of teddy bears. There are Teddy bear 3D theater, Teddy bear interactive zone as well as riverside park and water amusement park in outdoors. Among the 12 theme halls designed by artists from China and South Korea, teddy bear is in every famous scene of history and today. From ancient Chinese story to world culture heritage scene, the interesting part is it fits in perfectly in every scene.

They have this pretty mermaid teddy bear with beautiful blonde hair and bright green bikini top, sitting elegantly on a silver shell, smiling to the crowd. Just like teddy bear princess! What I like the most about this museum is the loads of fun from Interaction space. In visual illusion space, you would not believe what’s in front of you, prepare to take adventures with teddy bear in the same space.

How could you miss great deep Chinese culture if you’re in China? That’s what the second scene for-Chinese subject scene, in here tourists can learn about Chinese cultures from different aspects, like tea, drinking and food, with those cute teddy bears in it. Just like the name Color Space, everything is colorful here, not just color, also the great variety. Various teddy bears statue in pop art style, captain jack, Beatles, wishing wells, everything to put fairy tales and legend into reality.

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