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Dalian Discoveryland Theme Park

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Dalian Discoveryland Theme Park is situated in Dalian Golden Beach Tourist Scenic Zone, covering an area of almost half a million square meters. It is 1/3 times larger than Disneyland in Hongkong. I like the name, especially for the first-time visitor like me.

Even if you have seen a thousand cool places, you would still feel an unknown urge to explore this fairyland. In the park entrance, there are European style stores with bright colors decoration. Taking a look at the store names, you would be shocked how nicely and smart those names are made. Classic and fashion products are at your choice.

Standing on the vast square and looking around, everything is so new, exciting scream is everywhere. There is a whole new land waiting for me to explore and discover all the fun stuff. There is a beautiful fountain in the middle of the square, also in European style, forming a nice picture with those lovely cartoon characters scattered around. I walked around in the park, taking my time, afraid of missing a single interesting spot. In the distance on the lake, I saw a castle with almost the same shape as Hogwarts castle in the movie Harry Potter. I wanted to jump on a small boat and sail there so bad but someone told me that castle is for fireworks at night. What a pitty! But I was kinda hoping I could see the views at night.

Turning right from the square, there was Crazy Town. Everything was pretty crazy in here, crazy theatre, crazy treasure hunting show, crazy gun fight show. You would feel in the middle of some Hollywood action movie scene, all very exciting and full of adrenaline. From the screaming sound from above, I already knew how it felt like on “Stomach Upside Down”, it was also one of the most risky entertainment project in the park.

I was always interesting about supernatural stuff. In Haunted house, you could experience some scary things with 3D glasses. Actually it was not as that horrible as I thought it would be, just some skeletons sitting around the table talking.

In Mysterious Dessert, there was an exotic scent of Islam. Elegant yet sexy dance performance reminded people of the best time of silk road in Tang dynasty. Dessert is such a amazing place, it’s hard to imagine in thousand years ago, it was a land full of life. They have breath-taking project-Dessert Storm, crazy cart racing in not so fast speed and exciting car racing like Formula 1.

Metal Factory was probably the most exciting place inside the park. As “First Track in Asia”, it had a giant hanging roller coaster called Crazy Cobra. Unlike the usual roller coaster that’s started with power, instead, it was through LIM ejection. So you could experience super fast speed from zero to 90km/h, this is only for risk-takers. I wasn’t bold enough to experience such stuff, definitely too young for having an heart attack.

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