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Daocheng and Yading Nature Reserve Top Destination to Check Out

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One of China’s hottest reality show “Where are we Going, Dad” is back for its sixth season. Each season a new destination is made famous when the cast visit, for example Puzhehei in Yunnan Province, Chongqing’s Wulong, Yulin in Shaanxi Province and Yichun in Heilongjiang Province. This season Daocheng Yading is set to become the next hot destination.

Daocheng-Yading-Entrancce.jpg Daocheng Yading has always been quite popular with references made in the film “I Belonged to You” and millions of likes on Douyin, the destinations has already become the top place to check out!

Between September and December Daocheng is tainted with red and yellow, the red grass and the golden poplar forests create a rainbow of colours and the snow capped mountains under the blue sky are like a dream.


Milk Sea 牛奶海


Milk Sea is an ancient glacial lake, with the surrounding beauty of snow-capped mountains. The glistening lake and the azure sky could add to each other's splendor. Milk Sea is distinguished for its elegant shape and turquoise blue water. 


Five Coloured Lake 五色海


The Five Colored Lake is directly to your right as you approach the Milk Lake. The split in the trail to the Five Colored Lake comes before you reach the Milk Lake.


Pearl Lake 珍珠海


Pearl Lake, at the foot of Chenrezig, and believed to be the mirror of fairies, is an excellent spot to admire the mountain. On sunny days, you can see the reflection of Chenrezig on the lake surface.


Luorong Pastures 落绒牛场


Luorong Pastures is one of the earliest and certainly the best-known accommodation places within the Yading scenery zone. With the altitude of 4,150 meters above sea level, the scenic area is also the meadow in the high mountain where the village members around the farm are herding cattle. 


Chonggu Temple 冲古寺


Chonggu Temple located at the foot of Xiannairi Snow Mountain, the temple is situated at an altitude of 3,880 meters. 


Mount Xiannairi, Yangmaiyong & Xianuoduoji 仙乃日峰, 央迈勇, 夏诺多吉峰



Capture the sight of the three holy mountains Mount Xinnairi, Yangmaiyong and Xianuoduoji which are the three sacred peaks of the local Tibetans.


Banghe 傍河 


Banghe is located approximately 10 kilometres from Daocheng, the scenery of Banghe is amazing from flowing rivers to lush forests the scenery is great for photography.


Sangdui Red Grassland 桑堆与红草滩


Sangdui Red Grassland is famous for its sea of crimson bushes that change in colour due to the season of fall. 


Langjiling Temple of Gongga 贡嘎郎吉岭寺 

Gongga Langjiling Monastery .jpg

Gongga Langjiling Monastery is 3,335 meters above sea level and Tibetans go to the front of the Gongga Langjiling Monastery to burn incense and worship Buddha. 


Bengpu Temple 蚌普寺

Bengpu-Temple.jpg Bengpu Temple is the oldest temple in Daocheng with over 900 years of history.


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