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Decorating for Chinese New Year

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Decorating the house for Chinese New Year is similar to that of Christmas, only difference is that there are no trees or presents involved! The idea of decorating the house for Chinese New Year is getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. The decorations, plants and couplets are all symbolic for fortune and prosperity for the New Year. 


Kumquat Trees

Kumquat Trees are popular during Chinese New Year due to the belief that they will bring good fortune as its pronunciation is the same gold. Kumquat Trees are particularly popular in southern China and can be found in most households and shopping malls during the Chinese New Year.




Different types of flowers have different meanings during the Chinese New Year, so in most cities there are flower markets that are open before Chinese New Year where people can choose from a wide range of plants and flowers. Lilies represent harmonious reunion and Daffodils represent luck and wealth. 



Red lanterns can be seen everywhere during Chinese New Year. Hanging red lanterns is believed to ward off evil and bring good luck. The lanterns can come in different shapes and forms and are usually accompanied with gold or yellow tassels.



Couplets can usually be seen at the main gates and front doors of most houses. Couplets were traditionally handwritten on red paper with blank ink. The phrases on the couplets are made up of the same number of characters and are all based upon best wishes for the approaching New Year. 



Paper Cuttings 

Paper cuttings is one of the most famous Chinese handicrafts. Paper cuttings are usually found on windows and doors. The colorful paper cuttings are usually handmade and are circular with intricate patterns and borders with a main center paper cut out. 


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