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East Lake as Gorgeous as a Wonderful Heaven

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The national-level East Lake Scenic Spots, or East Lake Scenic Area for short, is situated in the eastern suburb of the Wuchang City, Hubei Province. It is also known as the "First Wonder of the World" for its natural landscape. With large natural lake at the core, it's featured by its beautiful landscape of lakes and hills which adds radiance and beauty to each other.

The Donghu tourist area assembles a great many of distinguished sightseeing tours, leisure vacations and science education into one whole. It occupies an important position in China's culture in history and scenic resort. Tourist resorts nationwide hosted millions of people each year. It is the largest and most famous tourist scenic spots in central China region.

It takes the eco-tourism resources as the main body and combines with the collective forest ecology sightseeing traveling and the forest popular science education traveling into a whole. The scenic area itself has dimensions of roughly 87 square kilometers, of which the water area is approximately 33 square kilometers. It is well-known ecological tourist scenery and the natural scenic spot of landscape appreciation. With its magnificent mountains and lakes, pretty natural landscape and numerous human scenes, it has enjoyed a good reputation as a fairyland on earth.

The lake with several miles of irregular shoreline is really an inviting prospect. Mountain peaks that go rolling by for miles and miles tower around the lake and amaze the visitor with the ever-changing aspects of their beauty. Over 10,000 hectares of mountain forest is clothed with rich and varied vegetation. The ecological wetland park so different and so natural as will prove more amusing and worthwhile. Here you could be able to climb the Moshan Hill, boat on the East Lake, and have the Wuchang Fish with its special flavor.

The patterns of hills and mountains with great vitality, incomparable stunning natural scenery and floricultural plants full of variety are not only absolutely unique in some metropolitan cities in China, but also quite uncommon in the big metropolis all over the world. Wuhan East Lake is the biggest and the most suitable place to feast your eyes on flowers in China. The flower is now for sightseeing at that scenic site to anyone.

It is best known for oriental cherry that is in full bloom in spring. Travelling on the beautiful East Lake, one could view everywhere canals and weeping willows along the lake that sways their tender branches, this region, surrounded by the breathtaking mountain ranges, has a lotus pond.

Through the Huangliwan Gate of the East Lake, comes the typical scenery with trees and shady roads, where elegance and nature pervade in either static or dynamic scene from each angle. In addition to the charming scenery, this East Lake is also blessed with numerous historical sites. Each season of the year has its own beauty for the East Lake. It is one of the few lakes with deep historical and cultural foundation and abundant tourist resources in our country! 

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