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Ecological Zhuonai Lake in Qinghai

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The famous Zhuonai Lake is the borrowing that is word absorbed from other languages by means of transliteration. Zhuonai Lake is just the main habitat and gathering place of the antelopes. The antelope population in the Hohxil Nature Reserve accounts for the majority of the total population of the whole world.

Moreover, the overwhelming majority of the female antelope would get together to bring forth young ones at the unimpeded sweep of meadows to the south of Zhuonai Lake every July and August. And they would go back to the wintering ground and assort with the male antelopes in September. During the period of giving birth, there are tens of thousands of female antelopes getting together on the south bank of Zhuonai Lake. Some of them had given birth to the alive and kicking lambs, some of them were expecting the arrival of their babies.

At the foot of the snow-capped mountain with the altitude of 5,404 meters, tens of thousands of antelopes that are surging forward with great momentum would roll and break the heat waves, with the air full of the soft and haunting squeak of the antelopes. The spectacular and stirring sights have long been a lure for adventurers. In addition, the Chinese government had begun to take an active part in protecting the antelopes.

Located within the boundaries of Hohxil area, Zhuonai Lake has an area of 28,000 hectares of land, with an elevation of 4,800 meters above sea level. There're two large lakes to the southwestern and northeastern Zhuonai Lake. Zhuonai Lake wetland is one large freshwater lake and almost a region of almost endless swamp.

Hohxil national level nature reserves Zhuonai Lake protection station is one very important protection station of the antelopes in our country. There were many small lakes and pools in the immediate vicinity of Zhuonai Lake. The lake is fed by the melting water of many small streams nearby the steep mountains. It flows eastward to another famous Kusaihu barrier.

Zhuonai Lake is the nature and special delivery room of antelopes. This is the reason why the local government would intensify the construction of the permanent protection station on the shore of Zhuonai Lake that is the central collection place where the antelopes would bring forth young ones. Zhuonai Lake is located in the hinterland of the Hohxil nature preservation zone.

Each year from April to August, thousands of female antelopes would migrate to give birth and bring up their young intently. It had become the big animal maternity ward with curious yet majestic-looking on the snow-capped wilderness. In the development of protection station, the houses nearby should be very similar to the local environment colors so that it might not suspect something for the antelopes that would migrate as seasonal changes and bring forth.

Tens of thousands of female antelopes would flock together and be confined near the edge of the lake, which creates a very powerful atmosphere. The beautiful Zhuonai Lake would really offer the tourists a very romantic and wonderful trip.

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