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Enbrace the Magical Iridescent Mount Kunlun

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Kunlun Mountain is one mountain system of western China extending from the Karakoram Range eastward along the northern edge of the Tibetan plateau. The mountain rises up to 6,860 meters above sea-level. The lofty Kunlun Mountains nurture China's 3 main rivers. Kunlun Mountain enjoys a high reputation as "The originator of ten thousand mountains" with the most eminent station in the brilliant historic tradition of the Chinese nation.

The story is going about that the emperor once lived in a magnificent palace here, with a heavenly door keeper who had the face of a man, the body of a tiger and nine tails. Of all the goddesses of ancient mythology, the Queen Mother of the West who had ever lived in Kunlun Mountain is an important legendary figure in the ancient history and myths of China.

Kunlun Mountain has it all: wonderful snowy peaks, crystal clear waters, and scenery so breathtaking it can compare to the mythical reaches of Tolkien's Middle Earth. What is recognized as its highest peak is a towering, heaven-reaching peak whose forbidding appearance makes one marvel at this prodigious wonder of nature. The name Yuzhu peak derives from the fact that the mountain peak here is perennially covered by snow, which brings you to a snow-white and crystal clear world! Among the mountains there stands a lofty mountain range whose cloudy summit and mist curl up it, and even rushed into the very heavens.

Located on the north bank of Kunlun River is Kunlun Spring that is the largest all-weather port among the Kunlun Mountains. Kunlun Spring presents a remarkable spectacle of reflection of the light from the snow in June. It's a favorable natural mineral spring and considered as the prodigies of nature. A spring of clear water at the exact centre suddenly spouted out from the ground. It forms one clear and translucent spring in a mushroom shape. It spread out the numberless blades that are like that of a very precious jewel. Meanwhile, it breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

In the meantime, there are lots of peculiar species in Kunlun Mountain, with 100 kinds of peculiar higher species. There is equally the wildlife under special state protection. Besides this, the color jade that is produced in the Kunlun Mountain is fine variety of jade with the highest quality, and is fine-grained, hard and durable. It is considered as one of the most sought-after treasures among the many kinds of Chinese jades. It's well-known for its rich colors, shading capabilities and variegated throughout the world. Kunlun Mountain is considered as the cradle of the Chinese nation.

There're many famous tourist sites available here, among which 'the door to the hell' is the most renowned one. Death Valley is also one of the earth's most beautiful places. It could add touches of its own to the gruesome atmosphere all at once. This hard and melancholy dell, abandoned by the summer light, made the visitors feel frightened. The valley continues to fascinate all of the travelers, cloaked in its mystery.

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